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Events & Alerts

  • LaBlast Dance Fitness

    Read more about the LaBlast Dance Fitness event on Mar 4

    Looking for a great way to get fit and have fun? Let’s Dance! Join Education and Human Ecology Buckeye Wellness Innovator Rebecca Chacko for an intro to LaBlast Dance Fitness!

    LaBlast is a dance fitness program created by three-time world dance champion and Emmy-nominated choreographer Louis van Amstel from Dancing with the Stars. LaBlast is a perfect balance between dance and fitness. This workout in disguise helps you learn dances like the Disco, Cha Cha, Jive, Salsa, Paso Doble, Samba, and many more. Any music, any genre --- no partner needed!

    This class is designed as a beginner level/introductory class suited for people of any fitness level. Whether you're new to dance fitness or you have previous dance experience, you will have FUN and get a great workout! We hope you'll join us - we're having A BLAST!!!

    Please register - only 25 spots available at this time. To register go to: http://go.osu.edu/EHELaBlast.

    Learn More about the LaBlast Dance Fitness Close LaBlast Dance Fitness Details
  • Zumba! Fitness Class

    Read more about the Zumba! Fitness Class event on Mar 5

    Join Helen Dale and Buckeye Wellness for this high energy total body workout!

    Founded in 2001, Zumba Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation! This Zumba® fitness class will feel like a "fitness-party" that blends upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration.

    To register for this event, search under Educational Programs at the link below.

    Learn More about the Zumba! Fitness Class Close Zumba! Fitness Class Details
  • Spontaneous Meditation - Free Talk 3

    Read more about the Spontaneous Meditation - Free Talk 3 event on Mar 5

    Talk on “Spontaneous Meditation and Health”. No registration required.

    Spontaneous Meditation is a natural and simple technique of consciousness that strengthens and supports both the mind and body to enhance health and well-being. This technique is not based on concentration, contemplation, or manipulation of the mind. During meditation the mind is spontaneously opened to and nourished by the underlying field which is the infinite source of energy, intelligence, and bliss. Spontaneous Meditation connects one to the wholeness of life, improving all aspects of health and wellness.

    Instructor Info:

    Hari Sharma, MD, DABIHM, FACN, DABP, FCAP, FRCPC, has been practicing Ayurveda at OSU Integrative Medicine since the inception of the Clinic. In addition to practicing Ayurveda, he has been teaching meditation and pranayama for many years. Dr. Sharma is certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. He is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, and a Fellow of the National Academy of Ayurveda, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Dr. Sharma is Professor Emeritus and former Director, Division of Cancer Prevention and Natural Products Research, Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, at The Ohio State University.

    Learn More about the Spontaneous Meditation - Free Talk 3 Close Spontaneous Meditation - Free Talk 3 Details

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F) All of the above. --> Your lifestyle has the single greatest impact on your HDL cholesterol. Even small changes to your daily habits can help you reach the recommended level (men at least 40 mg/dL; women at least 50 mg/dL). Why is this so important? Because HDLs act as cholesterol scavengers, picking up excess cholesterol in your blood and taking it back to your liver where it’s broken down. The higher your HDL level, the less “bad” cholesterol you’ll have in your blood.

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Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death among women in the United States, and stroke is number three.

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  • March Madness Challenge - Coming March 1

    In the spirit of competition we challenge you to full-court press your goals this March. We will have a perfect trifecta of challenges awaiting you in the YP4H portal.

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