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  • Climb Every Day That's my plan.

    Geoff Chatas,
    Y P 4 H Champion

    In June 2012, I weighed 240 pounds and as a high school graduation present for my daughter, we decided to hike from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River and back to the rim to celebrate her accomplishments. The hike, which took us six and a half hours five years ago, took me thirteen and a half hours this time, and I needed help from my daughter to finish the hike. See all Champions

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  • Journal Every Day That's my plan.

    Kam King,
    Y P 4 H Champion

    Physical health isn’t always indicative of one's overall health. I learned that firsthand last year. See all Champions

    View My Story Kam King

  • Cycle Every Day That's my plan.

    Yvette Mitchell,
    Y P 4 H Champion

    My story begins with me growing up in the hills of West Virginia. I did not grow up learning how to eat healthy. I remember almost every meal we had involved some type of fried meat, homemade bread, gravy or potatoes, and when we did have vegetables they were cooked with lots of fatty meat for seasoning. See all Champions

    View My Story Yvette Mitchell

Earn Rewards

Y P 4 H rewards you for improving your health and well-being. Because the happier and healthier you are, the more you can enjoy life and be your best. Log in to see all of the new changes to the 2014 YP4H incentive program.


Events & Alerts

  • The Power Of Listening

    Read more about the The Power Of Listening event on Nov 25

    Building better listening skills can help you succeed at home and work. This webinar will help you increase awareness on how well you listen, teach you basic listening skills using empathy, and will help you improve overall interactions.

    To register for this event, search under Educational Programs at the link below.

    Learn More about the The Power Of Listening Close The Power Of Listening Details
  • 2014 Incentive Program Ends - Last Day To Log

    Read more about the 2014 Incentive Program Ends - Last Day To Log event on Nov 30

    Get Going (Level Two): 2000 points

    Participate in challenges to help you achieve and maintain your health and well-being goals. Y P 4 H offers a variety of challenges, so you can join the ones that meet your personal interests and health status.

            2,000 points = $50 Amazon gift card*

    Get Results (Level Three):  3000 points

    As new challenges are offered monthly, push yourself and find challenges outside of your comfort zone. Be sure to check for any challenges that you might have passed over before.

         3,000 points = $100 Amazon gift card*

    Get Rewarded (Level Four):  4000 points

    Look for Y P 4 H events and challenges taking place throughout the year. Track your participation in challenges including physical activity, nutrition, hydration, stress management and others.

            4,000 points = Entry for grand prize drawing

    *Although the Amazon gift cards are taxable, you'll have a choice to "accept" or "decline" each reward that you earn. You'll only be taxed if you choose to accept the gift card.

    - See more at: http://yp4h.osu.edu/welcome#my-health-my-plan-my-actions

    Learn More about the 2014 Incentive Program Ends - Last Day To Log Close 2014 Incentive Program Ends - Last Day To Log Details
  • Managing The Winter Blues

    Read more about the Managing The Winter Blues event on Dec 2

    For many people long office-based working hours means travelling to and from work in the dark with little chance of being outdoors. With less exposure to natural light from October onwards and the cold, grey and gloomy weather it's no wonder that many of us feel a bit fed-up during the winter months! Feelings of depression, sleep problems, lethargy, anxiety, food cravings and other physical complaints are collectively known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, which are triggered by seasonal change and a reduction in daylight hours.

    So what exactly triggers SAD and how can this condition be managed? In this 30 minute webinar, EAP counselor Lisa Borelli, will guide you through understanding SAD.

    To register for this event, search under Educational Programs at the link below.

    Learn More about the Managing The Winter Blues Close Managing The Winter Blues Details

Health Poll

How many pounds does the average American gain during the holiday season?

A) 1-2 --> Although this may seem small, studies show that weight gained over the holidays tends to become permanent baggage. After 10 holiday seasons, that could mean putting on an additional 20lbs! To avoid the "festive 15", be mindful of your portion sizes at parties, swap lower-fat ingredients to save calories in your favorite recieps and make time for exercise. Need some accountability to stay on track? Join our Maintain Don't Gain challenge in the portal here: http://ow.ly/DNL43.

12 Ways to a Healthier Holiday

Avoid adding extra inches on your waist this holiday season by substituting some healthier ingredients in your favorite holiday recipes.

Read More about 12 Ways to a Healthier Holiday
  • Schedule a Flu Vaccination

    Faculty, staff, and their dependents (over 14 years of age) who are enrolled in the university medical plan can get a flu vaccination at no charge at any in-network retail pharmacy. Faculty and staff can get vaccinated at a convenient on-campus location beginning in October while supplies last.

    Read More about Schedule a Flu Vaccination

  • Take the Great Tailgate Video Challenge

    Calling all budding food network stars. YP4H is looking for the healthiest tailgate recipes in Buckeyeland. If you’re up to the challenge, gather a few colleagues (2-4), film a one to five minute video of you creating your healthy, original tailgate recipe and submit your video between Oct. 27 and Nov. 14. Participants will earn 100 YP4H points just for submitting a video. Your team could also win gift cards and an exclusive tailgate party for you and your colleagues.

    Read More about Take the Great Tailgate Video Challenge


  • Jon Santini

    Systems Specialist

    Facilities Operations and Development

  • Clinical Research Center

  • Queenie Chow

    Digital Union Manager

    Office of Distance Education & eLearning

  • Gloria Smith

    Research Assistant


We’re turning the spotlight on Ohio State faculty and staff who have found interesting ways to stay healthy and achieve their personal goals. Read about what works for them, and you may find a new way to focus on your health and wellness.

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