Are you and your family ready to start a journey to better health? Let Your Plan for Health (Y P 4 H) be your guide! Y P 4 H rewards you for improving your health and well-being. Because the happier and healthier you are, the more you can enjoy life and be your best.

Your healthcare journey starts here. Watch the video to see how easy it is to access the benefits of Y P 4 H.

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My Health. My Plan. My Actions.

Y P 4 H makes it easy to improve and maintain your health. And while better health is its own reward, Y P 4 H makes it a little more fun – as you complete the following levels, you’ll earn rewards along the way!

2014 Incentive Program

Get In (Level One): 500 points

Level One is designed to give you a good picture of your well-being and to help you set your wellness goals. To complete Level One:

  •  Know Your Numbers. Obtain these biometric health values: height, weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL and a blood sugar value (either glucose or A1C). You can get the values from your Primary Care Provider (PCP) or at a free on-campus screening. Print the Know Your Numbers Provider Form to take to your annual exam with your PCP.

New for 2014!   While we provide “I don’t know” as a placeholder, you will need to enter a number for all required values (noted above) for this step to be considered complete.

  • Complete the PHA. Complete the Personal Health & Well-Being Assessment (PHA). It only takes about 20 minutes, and you will receive valuable information about ways to improve and maintain your health.   
  • Join your first challenge. Sign up for your first challenge. Challenges are a fun way to develop healthy habits. As you participate, you’ll earn points and move toward better health.


When you complete these actions, you’ll reach 500 points and earn up to a $360 Medical Plan Premium Credit & Plan Choice. When your enrolled spouse/same-sex domestic partner completes the PHA, you will earn an additional $120 credit.

Get Going (Level Two): 2000 points

Level Two is designed to help you get started on achieving your wellness goals. To complete Level Two, participate in challenges. YP4H offers a variety of challenges so you can select the ones that meet your personal goals and health status. Check back regularly, as we’ll update the challenges often. When you reach 2,000 points, you’ll earn a $50 Amazon gift card. We’re offering Amazon gift cards so you can choose how to reward yourself for taking an active role in improving and maintaining your health.

                  New for 2014! Not everyone wants to receive the gift card. You’ll have the option to decline the gift card if you choose; when you decline the card, you will not be taxed.

Get Results (Level Three):  3000 points

Level Three is designed to help you achieve your goals. To complete Level Three, continue participating in challenges. Now that you’re well on your way, check out some challenges that you might have passed over before – stretch yourself! When you reach 3,000 points, you’ll earn a $100 Amazon gift card.


You will be given the option to decline this gift card as well.

Get Rewarded (Level Four):  4000 points

Level Four is designed to take you beyond your goals. To complete Level Four, continue participating in challenges. Really push yourself and find challenges outside of your comfort zone. Not a runner? Train for a road race. Tried for years to kick the soda habit? Cut it out of your diet for good. When you reach 4,000 points, you’ll earn an entry into the grand prize drawing. Prizes will be announced later in the year.


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Your Privacy

There is nothing so personal as your health history, and we are serious about protecting your information and privacy. While participating in Y P 4 H, the personal information you provide, whether online or in person, is only available to you and those you authorize to access it. Beyond the team at the OSU Health Plan, your nurse, health coach, or your own PCP, no other Ohio State personnel will see your results.


Your Plan for Health (YP4H) Accessibility

We have diligently worked to ensure that the Your Plan for Health (YP4H) website is seamlessly accessible to people with disabilities.

Some portions of the site, however, will present difficulties for screen reader users: some of the controls for the goals and challenges in the "My Plan" page and in the pages that individually detail the Challenges. We are working to address these problems and expect full accessibility by the second quarter in 2014.

In the meantime, assistance is available to support participants with disabilities who have difficulty accessing information, navigating, or submitting information to the YP4H website.  

  • Call 800-380-9099, Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm.
  • E-mail support@limeade.com at all times.

You can typically expect a 24-hour turnaround period with a two-business-day turnaround time on weekends.

We welcome your feedback at yp4h@osu.edu as we progress toward full access for all YP4H participants.