2022 Incentive Program

During the program year (January 1 through December 31, 2022), you have many opportunities to earn points every day, which can quickly accumulate to help you complete up to four incentive levels each quarter. As you advance through the incentive levels, you earn rewards.

There are a few incentive programs available, depending on your medical benefit enrollment and employment status:

  • If you’re enrolled in an Ohio State medical plan, you can earn premium credit, Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) credits and PulseCash.
  • Employees who are eligible for Ohio State benefits but not enrolled in an Ohio State medical plan can earn PulseCash.
  • Spouses enrolled in an Ohio State medical plan can earn premium credit, Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) credits and PulseCash.

Before choosing to participate in the wellness program, please review our notice on voluntary participation, privacy, and security.

YP4H is offering some exciting new programs for 2022 to meet you where you’re at in your wellbeing journey. PLUS, you can earn a bonus incentive when you participate.

When two of the following activities are completed, members enrolled in a medical plan will receive a $100 HRA credit bonus. Benefits-eligible faculty and staff not enrolled in a medical plan will receive a $20 PulseCash bonus.

Looking to achieve a healthy weight or reduce your risk of diabetes?

Before you try any other program, complete the one-minute questionnaire and see if you qualify for VP Transform. This 12-month, highly personalized program will help you build healthier habits one small step at a time, with plenty of support along the way. If you qualify for VP Transform, you’ll work with your own personal health coach. In addition, you’ll get a free wireless scale, access to a state-of-the-art app, and you can earn a Fitbit® activity tracker along the way. It’s free and confidential. Learn more about Transform

Struggling with your emotional health?

We know the struggle is real. You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve added myStrength to the YP4H program offerings in 2022. You’ll get a plan designed just for you, and 24/7 access to care that adjusts as your needs evolve. You can utilize online tools or connect live with a licensed therapist or clinical coach. Get the help you need, when you need it. Learn more about myStrength

Want to be more mindful? Improve your focus? Be more resilient?

Whil has been one of our most popular programs when it comes to learning about mindfulness and improving stress coping skills. The collection of Whil mini-courses with audio and video sessions, tips, articles and exercises will be greatly expanded in 2022 with the addition of over 1,200 sessions! You can explore new categories like Be Happier, Manage Career Stress, Take One-Minute Breaks, and many, many more. Learn more about Whil

Need help staying on top of your preventive care?

With My Care Checklist, you can keep track of your healthcare visits and get friendly reminders so you don’t miss an important checkup. Your checklist will be tailored to your particular health needs and will remind you when you are due for well visits, routine screenings, and vaccinations. Activity for bonus: Complete 3 preventive activities in the My Care Checklist.

Premium Credit

YP4H works to help cultivate a healthy work environment and provide an opportunity for you to receive important information about your health status. That effort includes a medical premium credit incentive for enrolled individuals who complete a Personal Health and Well-Being Assessment (PHA) and a verified biometric health screening. In 2022, the amount of available premium credit is $25/month for enrolled faculty and staff, or $40/month when their enrolled spouse also completes these requirements.

While you have until December 31, to complete the PHA in the Virgin Pulse portal, verification of biometric screenings has additional deadline criteria, based upon your method of verification.  Please see the timeline information on the biometric screening page.

Quarterly Rewards

Tracking your participation in healthy activities through the YP4H Incentive Program earns rewards, including up to $75 in Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) credits (for enrolled individuals) and up to $25 in PulseCash each quarter. The points that you earn on a quarterly basis reset each January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

If you do not use all of your HRA credits during the year in which you earn them, the funds will roll over to the following year, allowing you to use them to pay for future health care costs that you incur while you remain enrolled in medical coverage. Annual rollover funds are available after the grace period ends for the previous calendar year’s reimbursement requests, usually by the end of April. You must be enrolled in The Ohio State University Faculty and Staff Health Plan on the roll-over date for your HRA funds earned in the prior calendar year to carry over. Learn more about HRA credits.

PulseCash is available for you to redeem in the Virgin Pulse online store to purchase gift cards, health and wellness items (such as fitness tracking devices), or to donate to a variety of charitable organizations. PulseCash is subject to taxation at the time it is earned. Learn more about PulseCash.

Incentive Opportunities
Activity Incentive Amount for Enrolled Faculty/Staff and Spouse Amount for Faculty/Staff Not Enrolled*
Complete PHA and Biometric Health Screening Premium Credit Employee: $25/month
Spouse: $15/month
Level 1 (2,500) Quarterly Reward $15 HRA $5 PulseCash
Level 2 (5,000) Quarterly Reward $20 HRA $5 PulseCash
Level 3 (10,000) Quarterly Reward $20 HRA &
$5 PulseCash
$5 PulseCash
Level 4 (25,000) Quarterly Reward $20 HRA &
$20 PulseCash
$10 PulseCash
Complete 2 qualifying activities Bonus $100 HRA $20 PulseCash
*Must be eligible for medical benefits

Please Note: The rewards you earn are dependent upon your medical benefit enrollment status reflected in the YP4H portal at the time you reach each incentive level.