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True Carmicle Danced Away 50 Pounds

This very same time last year I was at a place in my life where I didn’t even think it was possible to lose weight. I had convinced myself that diets did not work for me, surgery wasn’t an option financially, and the 10-15 pounds lost from exercises would eventually just find me again! Then I had a friend approach me about joining her wellness group and I learned that in order to change my life, I had to first start by changing my mind.

I learned how to speak positive affirmations, about gratitude sharing, and the vital importance of self-care. My new outlook allowed me to be more aware of the negative self-talk that was holding me back. I discovered Whil through Your Plan for Health and I started to practice mindfulness. YP4H also allowed me to challenge others to express their gratitude. I began to feel different. Then I began to look different! I attended Tuesday Zumba with Trina at the Ross & Thursday Zumba with Melinda in SASB. I found a Soca Class on Monday and Wednesday. I danced away 50 pounds in one year but it all started with learning to love and appreciate me first!

True Carmicle

Scholarship Program Manager
COE Financial Aid
College of Engineering

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