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20 Guided Imagery & Mindfulness Exercises

Guided imagery audio exercises are intended to help destress your life, declutter your mind, and help you get above the pressures of your life. OSU Health Plan Manager Patrice Rancour developed and narrates these three-to-six-minute guided imagery exercises promoting good health and well-being. Download them to your phone or music player for a quick and easy way to relax no matter where you are.

The OSU Employee Assistance Program is happy to offer you the following complimentary tools to help you through stressful times at home and work:

Audio Files

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MP3 Format

1. Diaphragm Breathing.mp3
2. Relaxation.mp3
3. Self Awareness.mp3
4. Pain.mp3
5. Monkey Mind.mp3
6. Forgiveness.mp3
7. The Teacher on the Beach.mp3
8. Muscle Relaxation.mp3
9. Skill Master.mp3
10. Attitude of Gratitude.mp3
11. Tasting Meditation.mp3
12. A Walking Meditation.mp3
13. Exercise for Our Children.mp3
14. Meditation for Surgery.mp3
15. A Healing Meditation.mp3
16. The Pool of Light.mp3
17. A Gift to Yourself.mp3
18. Meditation Grief.mp3
19. The Mountain.mp3
20. Meditation for Sleep.mp3

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