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Benefits 101: What is Prime Access?

Prime Access allows Ohio State Health Plan members to see healthcare providers in a timely fashion, in most cases within two to three weeks (at select locations).

In order to access an appointment held for Health Plan members, simply call one of the telephone numbers below and let the scheduler know that you are a member. They will take it from there!

(How long does it usually take to get in to see a new healthcare provider? It typically takes four to six weeks to get in to see a healthcare provider as a new patient. We think that’s too long, which is why Prime Access  was created for Health Plan members.  We can’t always promise two to three weeks (or sooner), but we’re doing everything we can to whittle down the wait time for our members.)

Ohio State: 614-418-6260
Central Ohio Primary Care: 614-564-9678

OSU Health Plan Prime Access Participating Specialties: visit for more information

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