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Kristin Saxon - Healthy Buckeye

Throughout life, and particularly during a wellness journey, motivation is the key to success. Kristin Saxon has found that on-campus programs, accountability partners and a furry friend help keep her active but, in turn, she’s the person motivating others.

“I’ve never seen a place that’s so supportive,” said Kristin, American Sign Language Senior Lecturer, who began working at Ohio State in 2005. “Anybody can find something to connect with.”

Kristin, however, is often the person supporting others, along with holding herself accountable.

While she has always been active, Kristin has become more serious about fitness within the past year. She discovered that exercising is an excellent way to relieve stress and stay focused. Her daily routine includes early-morning workouts that give her energy throughout the rest of the day.

Kristin’s new furry friend, Aero, also helps her stay active and energized. Another piece of advice she offers anyone who wants to get active is to get a dog. She says he helps her stay present, get outside and find new ways to stay healthy.

Apart from her morning fitness regimen, Kristin is actively involved with multiple group classes that are offered for free on campus through the Your Plan for Health program. Her favorite classes to attend are the upbeat, enthusiastic Zumba® classes that achieve exercise through dance, because they are what she calls “fitness in disguise.” In fact, Kristin enjoys Zumba® and STRONG by Zumba® so much that she decided to become an instructor and hopes to lead the exciting classes at Ohio State.

“I realized I’d like to be a fitness instructor,” she said. “I always thought, ‘What if I did something different?’ But then I realized, I still can!”

Life has taught Kristin that we need to quit taking ourselves so seriously. She values the importance of laughing and having fun, and incorporates this into her American Sign Language classes every day. She loves her students and colleagues, as they make teaching at Ohio State quite enjoyable.

Kristin is passionate about making others feel included; therefore, she encourages her fellow faculty and staff members to take walks with her at work. Additionally, she partnered up with a friend who was in need of a running buddy to jog with on Mondays and works out with her husband to help spot him on Sundays. She is constantly seizing the day and inspiring others to do the same.

Kristin’s advice to others on their wellness journey is to schedule exercise as part of their daily routines and log workouts in a notebook, because this tremendously increases accountability. She also values the importance of simply taking care of the body by prioritizing sleep and self-healing.

Kristin modestly attributes her passion for motivating others to her career.

“Part of it’s the teacher in me,” she said.

Whether it is on a health and wellness journey or in a classroom, Kristin truly enjoys helping others and encouraging them to succeed.

Kristin also enjoys Your Plan for Health challenges, because they are motivating and provide accountability.

Ohio State is committed to being a healthy workplace for faculty and staff. Through Your Plan for Health (YP4H), Ohio State’s employee wellness program, benefit-eligible faculty, staff and their enrolled spouses/same-sex domestic partners have access to high-quality benefits, tools and resources for living a healthy life.

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