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Bill Goodson - Healthy Buckeye

True Carmicle - Healthy Buckeye

Robin Adams - Healthy Buckeye

When Robin Adams began to lose sight of who she was, and found herself stressed, dissatisfied and unhappy, she turned to the Your Plan for Health (YP4H) program and OSU Health Plan health coaches to embark on her path of wellness and eventual self-love.

Lucille Talbert - Healthy Buckeye

FOD custodian Lucille Talbert often reflects on the fateful day she decided to make a change for her own health and well-being. It was 2015 and Lucille caught a glimpse of her own reflection in the campus windows she works hard to clean. The person she saw looking back was not the picture of health she now sees.

Kristin Saxon - Healthy Buckeye

Throughout life, and particularly during a wellness journey, motivation is the key to success. Kristin Saxon has found that on-campus programs, accountability partners and a furry friend help keep her active but, in turn, she’s the person motivating others.

Doug Marshall - Healthy Buckeye

Doug Marshall’s health and wellness journey has always been about continuous improvement. After losing 40 pounds, Doug, Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Revenue Management and Revenue Cycle Training Director, has consistently grown healthier and stronger through a combination of healthy choices sparked by Your Plan for Health (YP4H) and Ohio State’s overall commitment to a culture of wellness.

Kathy McNutt - Healthy Buckeye

Kathy McNutt’s January 2017 biometric screening was life-changing, and it spurred her wellness journey to be healthier. After learning that Ohio State discounts Weight Watchers memberships, she seized the opportunity and started making small changes that led to big results.

Beth Uniacke - Healthy Buckeye

Combining strong relationships and exceptional benefits leads to rewarding outcomes for personal health and well-being goals. Over the past year, these two factors significantly contributed to Beth Uniacke’s personal wellness journey.