Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) Step Challenge

You’re invited to join our walking and growing challenge focused on centering Blackness. Centering Blackness is ultimately about celebrating and honoring the humanity of all types of Black people. To learn more about centering Blackness, visit Insight Center  for Community Economic Development’s Centering Blackness: The Path to Economic Liberation for All.

During the challenge, listen to the podcasts below while getting in your steps.

Challenge Week: June 7

A Masterclass In Reconstruction with Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff
This week, Alicia Garza hands over her podcast to two trusted friends, Angela Rye and Melissa Harris-Perry. Rye invites special guest, psychologist, Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff. Rye and Dr. Goff chat about his early days as a professional musician, and about his current work for the Center for Policing Equity.

(Lady Don’t Take No)
Melissa Harris-Perry delivers a weekly roundup that is not to be missed!

Challenge Week: June 14

The red line: Racial disparities in lending
Reveal digs deep – and gets results. By mining data from 31 million records, we discovered a pattern of routine mortgage loan denials to applicants of color in more than 60 U.S. metropolitan areas. Our story led to attorneys generals’ investigations and lawmakers’ demands for accountability at the federal, state and city levels.

Challenge Week: June 21

The Nod – Nobody Looks Like Me (Available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts)
You’ve heard of the Little Rock Nine, but what about the Memphis 13? Eric talks to a man whose parents put him on the front lines of the battle for public school desegregation…. when he was only five years old.

Challenge Week: June 28

Code Switch: Payback’s A B****
We’re ending Black history month where we started it…talking about reparations. On this episode, we’re joined by Erika Alexander and Whitney Dow, who have spent the past two years exploring how reparations could transform the United States — and all the struggles and possibilities that go along with that.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the challenge podcasts include references to violence and contain the use of derogatory terminology. These recountings are an important part of our history and current reality but may be difficult for some. Please take care of yourself.