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Challenge Rules Consent (March Mindfulness)

By joining the March Mindfulness challenge, you agree to accurately log your activity. The YP4H portal administrator, Virgin Pulse, will be monitoring challenge entries to determine any activity that appears to be inappropriate. If Virgin Pulse contacts you, you agree to work with them to verify your activity and acknowledge that any activity in question that is not verified to be legitimate will result in disqualification from the challenge and any associated challenge incentives.


  • This challenge starts on Mar 01, 12 am local time, and ends on Mar 31, 11:59 pm local time.
  • The last chance to upload your mindful minutes is Apr 05, 11:59 pm local time. Minutes uploaded after this date won’t be counted in the final results. Try uploading daily – it’s more fun!


  • The collective goal rankings are based on all individuals’ progress added together toward the collective goal.
  • The individual rankings are based on each participants’ percentage of progress toward their goal.

Good To Know

  • If you leave the challenge, you have until Feb 28, 11:59 pm local time to rejoin. If you don’t rejoin by this date you won’t be able to participate in this challenge.
  • Participant names and challenge activity will be shared with other challenge participants and administrators.
  • You have up to 14 days to go back and enter minutes prior to the upload deadline. Skip the heartache—join before the challenge starts and track daily!

Points Available (up to 2,500 max)*

  • Reach 25% of your total 31 day challenge goal – 500 points
  • Reach 50% of your total 31 day challenge goal – 500 points
  • Reach 75% of your total 31 day challenge goal – 500 points
  • Reach 100% of your total 31 day challenge goal – 500 points
  • Reach 110% of your total 31 day challenge goal – 500 points

Prizes Available*

  • Mindfulness Bracket Challenge Drawing – 20 participants will win $25 PulseCash for submitting a completed bracket
  • View full details here



*Participants who join the challenge but do not log activity are not eligible for points/prizes. PulseCash is subject to taxation at the time it is earned, so bracket challenge winners can accept or decline the prize. Final points will be awarded by 4/8/22.



If you have questions about this, contact YP4H by emailing or calling (614) 247-6947.