Become an Innovator - Your Plan for Health

Become an Innovator

Faculty and staff at Ohio State can share their passion for health and wellness with colleagues through the Buckeye Wellness Innovators program.

Innovators promote university-wide wellness initiatives and the One University Health and Wellness strategic plan by:

  • Communicating health and wellness activities to their colleagues
  • Encouraging and motivating colleagues to participate in wellness initiatives
  • Planning and conducting wellness activities
  • Working collaboratively with the Office of the Chief Wellness Officer, Buckeye Wellness, Your Plan for Health and the OSU Health Plan to promote health and wellness

Benefits of the Wellness Innovator Role

  1. Receive helpful support and creative ideas from the Buckeye Wellness staff
  2. Serve as a visible and approachable leader of wellness initiatives within your department/unit
  3. Gain hands-on experience in creating and implementing wellness events in your department/unit
  4. Network and share insights with hundreds of Buckeye Wellness Innovators across campus
  5. Earn Your Plan for Health points by promoting and planning wellness activities/li>
  6. Acquire free access to Health Athlete, an in-depth wellness workshop\
  7. Attend exclusive events for innovators including luncheons and quarterly webinars
  8. Utilize the private Buckeye Wellness Innovator Facebook page and health promotion strategies
  9. Build your communication, planning, facilitation, and leadership skills
  10. Receive expert training, logistical assistance, and support from the Buckeye Wellness team
  11. Enjoy a one-on-one annual strategy session with a member of the Buckeye Wellness team
  12. Apply for funding opportunities to plan wellness activities in your unit
  13. Receive advance news about health and wellness events, resources, and programs
  14. Receive recognition of your service
  15. Become an expert in Ohio State’s wellness resources and how to access them

Buckeye Wellness Innovators should:

  1. Be a current Ohio State faculty and staff member
  2. Have interest, time and energy to engage in and promote health and wellness endeavors
  3. Complete the Buckeye Wellness Innovators’ orientation program and receive your certificate of completion
  4. Commit to serve as an enthusiastic role model for health and wellness for at least two years
  5. Facilitate innovative events and activities to enhance health and wellness in their units
  6. Spend approximately two to three hours participating in wellness activities per month.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Serve as a liaison and share the One University Health and Wellness Strategic Plan with faculty and staff.
  2. Participate in annual wellness activities (PHA, biometric screening, educational session, YP4H challenges)
  3. Schedule departmental wellness activities that target the Nine Dimensions of Wellness.
  4. Gain familiarity with wellness initiatives in order to inform colleagues of health promotion resources.
  5. Promote wellness activities and disseminate health information in unit/department.
  6. Discuss perceived wellness needs and interests of the college/department/unit with a member of the Buckeye Wellness staff.

If interested, please contact Megan Amaya, director of health promotion and wellness, and assistant professor of practice, College of Nursing, at