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Personal Health Coaching Offered by OSU Health Plan:

 Have you been thinking about increasing physical activity but can’t find the time? Would you like to try some different ways to manage your stress?  

Are you trying to eat healthier?  Are you struggling with your weight?  Do you want to give up tobacco?


Most of us know what we need to do in order to reach a healthier version of ourselves.  The issue is usually how:

  • How do I get started?
  • How can I find time in my busy schedule?
  •  How can I keep my motivation going?
  •  How can I set small, realistic goals that I am able to maintain?


What can health coaching do for me?

  •  Help you develop an action plan that suits your personal goals related to exercise, nutrition, weight management, stress management and tobacco cessation.
  • Support and encourage you to make small, realistic changes to improve your health and wellness.
  • Connect you to university and community resources.


Health coaching does not include:  counseling, personal training, dietetic or medical advice. 


If you would like to schedule an appointment for health coaching, please complete the form below.    

You will be eligible to receive up to 1000 YP4H points after participating in one of the following programs: Buckeye Baby, Care Coordination, or Health Coaching.  

Completing this form does not give you points, your nurse or health coach will give you points after participating in the program. 



NOTE:  If you are already participating in health coaching, please email scheduling requests and questions directly to and do not fill out this form.