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Career Wellness: Staying Resilient For Work

For better or worse, work has changed a lot for a lot of people over the past 18 months. Sometimes, when things get shaken up, it’s a good time to […]

Exercise Your Way Through The Holidays

Why wait until the New Year to restart or establish your healthy exercise routine! Engaging in exercise now can be a valuable tool to get you through the challenges of […]

4-Week Challenge Towards A Healthy Weight

We are looking forward to you joining in this 4-week series aimed at helping you move closer to your healthy weight. Join Health Coach Michael as he challenges you to […]

Avoiding Winter Weight Gain

Do you dread the winter season? Winter in addition to the holidays can interrupt your health goals like working out and limiting high calorie comfort foods. It’s a tough season […]

Recipes, Recipes, & More Recipes

Join health coach Lindsay Atwood in this fun series that helps you find new creative recipes for this holiday season and into winter. She will also talk about what a […]

Mindful Minutes: Simple, Everyday Strategies

Join health coach Amanda Fox for a four session series all about mindfulness! In this session, we’ll discuss what mindfulness is and what it isn’t, explore strategies for common challenges […]