Events for December 6 - August 9 - Your Plan for Health

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Spring Mindset Reset

Spring is usually time for renewal. And what better time for restoration than after winter when we might be most in need of energy – both physically and mentally? Taking […]

Weight Loss: Looking Beyond Diet & Exercise

Have you been on your weight loss journey and have been doing everything right, but it seems like you are not making progress? Or, are you overwhelmed with weight loss […]

Become A Meal Prep Pro!

Join OSU Health Coaches, Lindsay and Adam to master your meal planning and prepping steps. They will be joined by Wellness Program Coordinator Carolyne Starling. This is a progression from […]

Advanced Running Techniques

Have you been thinking about taking your running to the next level? Join Health Coach Michael as we get more in depth to discuss running techniques such as running mechanics, […]

Building Resilience And Coping With Uncertainty

Join Health Coach Amanda Fox for a four week series that will introduce you to strategies for building resilience. You will learn about what resilience is and why it matters, […]

Improving Your Gut Health

Our digestive tract plays a vital role to not just how we digest the foods we eat but also to our overall health. Join Dietitian and Health Coach Jessica as […]

Find Your Happy Weight

Join OSU Health Coach, Lindsay to develop a personalized plan for success. We will share strategies during the four-week series to support life-long habits related to nutrition, physical activity and […]

Living With A Full Energy Tank!

Join Health Coaches Lindsay Atwood and Amanda Fox to discuss ways to stay energized and alert for whatever your day brings. Participants will learn simple strategies for refueling with a […]

Discovering Happiness

How do you define happiness? Where does happiness come from? What are the dimensions of happiness? Happiness is something you can cultivate with a little intention and consistent practice!  Join […]

Tracking For Weight Loss

Logging in a food journal over a period of weeks is one of the most powerful ways to change habits and lifestyle.  Studies show that tracking your intake increases long […]