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2020 Campus Challenges

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Step & Save Team Walking Challenge  |  February 3 – March 1

Pre-Registration: January 27

This unique team challenge combines both physical and financial wellness. Set a daily step goal that is achievable for you. Decide on a daily savings goal that fits within your budget. For each day that you meet your step goal, set aside what you pledged to save. At the end of the four weeks, celebrate your step and savings successes!

  • Explore the new Journeys section of Virgin Pulse and begin a Managing My Finances module
  • Visit the Ohio Saves website to sign up for weekly financial wellness information
  • Read the articles here and here to learn how to begin building an emergency savings fund
  • View the financial resources available through our EAP provider
  • Check out the Financial Fitness center on the YP4H website for additional resources

Challenge Details

  • Teams can have up to 5 participants
  • You can get credit for up to 30,000 steps a day
  • Team scores are based on total steps
  • If self-entering activity, you must do so in the challenge activity conversion tool
  • If you are using an app/device for syncing activity (e.g. Fitbit), you have to regularly open the dashboard of that app/device in order for that data to be synced to the Virgin Pulse portal/app

Points* & Prizes** Available (up to 2,500 max)

  • Track/log steps daily: 25 points (up to 700 points total)
  • Track/log steps every day BONUS: 300 points
  • Individual step average ≥ challenge step average: 1,000 points
  • Take the Ohio Saves pledge: 500 points (complete this during America Saves Week 2/24 – 2/29 to be entered to win a $100 gift card)
  • Share your step and savings successes with the YP4H team at the end of the challenge to be entered to win $100 PulseCash

*Team members who did not participate in the challenge (i.e. join a team but do not log activity) will not receive points. Final points will be awarded by 3/13/20.

**Team members who did not participate in the challenge (i.e. join a team but do not log activity) are not eligible for prizes. Under the Internal Revenue Code, the university is required to report taxable income for financial incentives. Therefore, you will be taxed if you choose to accept the PulseCash.



TBA Staged Team Walking Challenge  |  April 27 – June 7

Pre-Registration: April 13

more details coming soon!



TBA Basic Team Walking Challenge  |  August 3 – August 30

Pre-Registration: July 27

more details coming soon!



Hit The Road With The Buckeyes  |  October 12 – December 6

Pre-Registration: September 28

more details coming soon!



Anytime | Create Your Own Challenge

You have the ability to challenge your peers by creating your own challenges at anytime.

You can choose from a steps challenge or many healthy habit challenges.

Learn how to create your own challenge here.