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Hit The Road With The Buckeyes

Hit the Road with the Buckeyes is a physical activity challenge designed around the Ohio State football season. Teams of 2 to 10 benefits-eligible faculty/staff and their enrolled spouses/same-sex domestic partners are encouraged to “walk” the distance to Ohio State’s away Big Ten football games by tracking their steps. The challenge runs from October 2 – November 19, 2017.

Please join us on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 from 11:00AM – 1:00PM as we Take A Lap on the new two-mile walking loop – Buckeye Path to Wellness. This open house-style event encourages everyone to start anywhere on the path and walk as much as they are able. Visit the representatives at each station from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to get your passport stamped and for your chance to win a Fitbit Blaze.

If you can’t attend the event above, consider scheduling your own lap for your unit/department.  To qualify all participants for the Fitbit Blaze raffle, please follow these steps:

  • Walk must occur between Monday, September 25 and Friday, October 6
  • A photo must be taken of the group participating
  • A sign-in sheet must be used to collect the names/email addresses of all participants
  • This webform must be completed by end of business Friday, October 6

Are you ready to Hit the Road with the Buckeyes? Lace up your walking shoes! Starting October 2, benefits-eligible faculty and staff and their enrolled spouses/same-sex domestic partners will have 7 weeks to “walk” the distance to Ohio State’s away Big Ten football games.

On October 2 (the first day of the challenge), join Hit the Road by doing the following:

1. Identify and name your team of 2 to 10 people.

If you can, make a team of those you work with in you unit/college.  Ask your co-workers if you can join their team!

Your team must contain at least 2 people, but no more than 10 people.

Talk to your benefits-eligible co-workers and your enrolled spouse or same-sex domestic partner. If they are interested in participating, get their email addresses and invite them!

Once you know who’s going to be on your team, come up with a fun team name!

2. Pick your team captain.

This person will be responsible for creating your team in the YP4H portal and sending out invites to the remaining team members. Make sure your team captain has the e-mail addresses each team member uses to log in to the YP4H portal. He or she will need those addresses to invite you to the team.

As a reminder, only benefits-eligible faculty and staff and their enrolled spouses/same-sex domestic partners can participate in Hit the Road. Each participant will have to log in to the YP4H website to track their own steps.

Having trouble adding teammates? Contact support@limeade.com

3. Team Captain: Create your team and invite your teammates.

(Step-by-step instructions)

Log in to the YP4H portal (starting October 2), click on the Hit the Road challenge and create your team. Be sure to select “Require an Invitation” if you’d like your team to remain private and only be comprised of those who you invite. Otherwise, anyone can join your team.

Once you have created a team, you will have the chance to send e-invites to your team members. Please send e-invites to your intended teammates immediately (you will need to use the email address your teammates use to log into the YP4H portal — this is usually name.#@osu.edu but not always the case).

Note: If someone joins your team who you did not invite, please contact support@limeade.com and they can help to ask that person to leave your team.

(invite only example)

4. Team Members: Join your team. 

(Step-by-step instructions)

Once you receive an e-invite to join a Hit the Road team, log in to the YP4H portal (starting October 2) to join.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to create a team (page 1).

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to join a team (page 2).

Once you’ve joined a team, you’re ready to start tracking! Visit the How to Play section for details.

Ohio State and Your Plan for Health (YP4H) are committed to helping you achieve your best health. Rewards for participating in wellness challenges are available to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff and their spouses/SSDPs who are enrolled in the OSU Health Plan. If you are unable to meet the current standard in light of your health status (physician recommendation, pregnancy, etc), you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means (provider waiver or reasonable alternative). Contact The OSU Health Plan Engagement Specialist at yp4h.clinicalservices@osumc.edu (or call 614-292-5989) to learn more about whether you qualify and we will work with you to develop a plan/activity with the same reward that is right for you.

From October 2 – November 19, 2017, benefits-eligible faculty and staff and their enrolled spouses/same-sex domestic partners have 7 weeks to “walk” the distance to Ohio State’s away Big Ten football games. So get outside, hit the gym or join the free classes on campus and enjoy this fun opportunity to increase your physical activity.

Here’s how to play:

1. Get moving, but first….

Before you start an exercise program ask yourself these questions to see if you should ask your healthcare provider about starting a new program. Each week, push yourself to get better and do more based on your current level of physical activity — stay safe and build gradually!

2. Make a plan to get active and log your steps.

Keep a log of your daily exercise. If you can, use a pedometer, a FitBit, or an app like MapMyWalk, RunKeeper or Nike+ Running to keep track of your steps. Check out these mobile apps that sync with the Limeade portal.

3. Log in to the YP4H portal and track your steps.

From October 2 – November 19, log in to the YP4H portal and track your steps for each day in the Hit the Road with the Buckeyes challenge. Round up or down to whole numbers. You can track your steps back two weeks.

Note: Visit the How to Join section for details on how to join the Hit the Road challenge.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to track your steps (page 3).

4. Integrity. Be honest. Be fair.

We take cheating very seriously. If our portal administrator, Limeade, identifies you as having inflated steps entries, you will be contacted and asked to verify your activity. Don’t risk the eligibility of yourself and your team to win prizes by unintentionally or intentionally submitting inflated data. Remember, integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain. Not honestly recording and not exercising is really only cheating one person – yourself.


Participation Awards | Individual Points

By joining Hit the Road, you can earn up to 1,050 YP4H points!

Points available:

  • 100 points for joining the challenge and logging steps
  • 100 points for syncing a step tracker with the challenge
  • 100 points for filling a team to 10 (all members must log steps)
  • 25 bonus points for having a submitted photo (#HitTheRoad2017) selected to be featured in the weekly email
  • 50 bonus points via random weekly drawing for teams who are regularly logging their steps
  • 200-500 points for final total step average (see chart below)
  • Up to 175 points for participating in the health coach bonus challenges

Points for individuals will based on the following table:


Challenge Steps
YP4H Points
Avg of 5,000 – 7,499 steps/day 200
Avg of 7,500 – 9,999 steps/day 300
Avg of 10,000 – 12,499 steps/day 400
Avg of 12,500+ steps/day 500

Points will be awarded on or around November 27!

In addition to individual rewards, there are other opportunities to earn prizes throughout this challenge. See below for details.

Weekly Awards | Instant Prizes

     Individuals who log their steps weekly will be…

Entered to win 1 of 5 pairs of SKicks* per week!

     Teams who log their steps weekly will be…

Entered to win 1 of 10 sets of 50 bonus points per week!

     Hashtag (#HitTheRoad2017) Photo Winners…

Share how you are accumulating your steps for your chance to win 25 points!

  • Capture photos of you, your team or family members obtaining your daily steps.
  • Use the hashtag #HitTheRoad2017 when you submit your photo to the YP4H Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram (or by email yp4h@osu.edu).
  • Make sure to email the names/emails of everyone appearing in that photo to yp4h@osu.edu so they can win, too!
  • If your photo is selected to be featured, everyone in that photo will earn 25 points (if they are a benefits-eligible faculty/staff member or an enrolled spouse/same-sex domestic partner participating in the challenge).
  • Please note: Photos will be posted to social media sites and or the weekly email updates. Please make sure anyone featured in a submitted photograph agrees to their photo being taken and used for this purpose. 
  • Check out the weekly winners here

Team Awards | Raffle Prizes

      Upon challenge completion, any team who has “walked” the distance to Ohio State’s away Big Ten football games (1,880 miles or approximately 3.8 million steps) will be entered into a raffle to win SKicks* for all team members!

  • 3 teams will be randomly chosen in late November/early December 2017
Grand Prize Winning Teams – SKicks
Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts
Wooster Pace Makers
The Walk Ons


Individual Winners – SKicks
 Week 1
Jessica Kohlschmidt – Data Drives Us

Ashley Hennen – Therapy Girls

Jon Clark – Lost in Pace

Janet Corbin – 4 the SICU

Brian Novotny – CPG Hoofers

 Week 2
Amanda Wilson – Friends With Benefits

Hua Zhang – Anyone is Welcome

Denise Iams – Marion Blazing Buckeyes

Erin Ralston – Historic Hustlers

Mary Mason – Lost in Pace

 Week 3
Lindsay Tolchin – ACADAOS Fitness

John Wasko – Walk On By

Krystin Pocatko – Healthy living

Kemba Days-Yancey – STEPPING

Allison Brown – SASsy Bunch

 Week 4
Susan Nippert – Tippy Toes

Beth Bolyard – Run4Wine

Natalie Gallagher – Sharks

Terri Fox – Mansfield Campus

Lila Andersen – Biblio-sprinters

 Week 5
Bradly Williams – nightbuckeyes

Ellen Archambault – OSU Health Coach Jessica 2

Helen Thompson – OSU Health Coach Greg Team 2

Matthew DeBlieck – Nerdfighters

April Orndorf – OSU Health Coach Greg Team 1

 Week 6
Nickki Parker – Anyone is Welcome

Cindy Beery – MC IT Strut Your Stuff

Meagan Paskins – Comp Walks

Traci Lepicki – CETE Elite

Jason Dailey – Jackson County Super Stars

 Week 7
Alba Thomason – CCL Dream Team

Cynthia Conway – Campbell Camels

Lenore LePera – STRONG and Zumba Crew II

Kenneth Bridges – Wayne’s World!

Caitlin McKenna – The Pacemakers


Team Winners – 50 Bonus Points
 Week 1
All-Star Steppers

Team Name

9 Bucks and a Gator


Med Ed Tread

CME Steppers

CON Flab.u.less


Move Your Body

S&P Lab Team

 Week 2

Jacob and Everyone Else

Child Care

Auglaize Rockets

Try to keep up


Pumpkin Spice Girls

Fabulous FABEs

Buckaroo Ladies

Mass Steptrometry

 Week 3

Crop Dead Divas

Your Pace or Mine?


OSU Health Coach Michael 2

Just Keep Stepping

Ed Shed Dwellers

Eye walk for EEI-OSC!


Stoneridge Imaging

 Week 4
Coshocton County

Neverending Gobstoppers

Ortho steppers

OLA Walkers

OSU HC Adam Scarlet

Head & Neck Cancer Crusade

Walking Tacos

OSU health coach Lindsay 2


Mount Hall for all

 Week 5


Cambridge Cardiology

Wooster Wellness Wonders

East Family

Gov Affairs

Gaits of Steel

Team Mhaskar

EED Steppers

lets roll

 Week 6
Shared Fitness


Bubbles, Billies and Bugs

Home is where your horse is.

ICU 99291

Sustainable Footprints


Zone Walkers



 Week 7


Wu’s Warriors

Poem Boy & Co.

Keep trying

SASsy Bunch

CETE Elite

Thompson Troublemakers

Sloth Walking Team

The Scarlet Ladies


#HitTheRoad2017 Photo Submission Winners – 25 Bonus Points
 Week 1
 Week 2
 Week 3
 Week 4
 Week 5
 Week 6
 Week 7

Get Involved:

  • Attend a Take A Lap event (view options here).
  • Use the promotional material below to help you create a team and encourage participation.
  • Use the walking maps below to create destination walks with your team.
  • Use some of the event ideas below to support your team during the challenge.

Promotional Material:

Event Ideas:

  • Encourage leadership to host weekly walks (ex. Walk with the Dean Wednesdays).
  • Encourage your Sr. Leadership to incentivize a goal for your unit/college.
  • Host a 5k run/walk for your unit/college.
  • Organize onsite group fitness classes.
  • Have meetings end 10 minutes early and take a walk together.
  • Host intentional walking meetings.
  • Schedule a conference room and complete exercise videos together.
  • Create themed 10-20 minute lunch activities for everyday of the week (ex. Stair Climb Monday, Yoga Tuesday, Walking Wednesday, Stretch Thursday, Fitness Friday).
  • Send weekly fitness tips, upcoming free events and links to free classes at local gyms/fitness centers.
  • Find and organize group outings at local parks.
  • Find a new weekly (free) class to try or free hikes at the metroparks

Active Living

Walking Maps