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Health & Wellness Event Submission Guidelines:

Ohio State faculty and staff who are leading or organizing a health and wellness event are encouraged to submit their events to the Health & Wellness Events Calendar.

A health and wellness event is defined as an activity that targets one or more dimensions of wellness (e.g., physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, financial, and occupational). Events must be open to Ohio State faculty and staff. They must take place at an Ohio State campus or extension office or be sponsored by a department or organization at Ohio State.

Your event submission will be reviewed by a YP4H representative. YP4H reserves the right to edit, approve, deny or remove event submissions. Please include a phone number and e-mail address for contact information. If approved, it may take up to three business days to publish your event online. Corrections to previously approved events may be submitted via the submission form. For questions, e-mail yp4h@osu.edu.

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