Get Connected

To reach our goal of becoming the healthiest university on the globe, we all have to work together. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or just good old-fashioned e-mail, we encourage YP4H participants to connect with others and share their stories. Tell everyone what you’re doing to stay healthy at home and around campus!

Buckeye Wellness Innovators

Many Ohio State faculty and staff members are natural leaders when it comes to promoting healthy lifestyles among their peers. Buckeye Wellness Innovators champion university-wide wellness initiatives in their units or departments and advance the One University Health and Wellness strategic plan. Interesed in becoming one? 

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Social Media Center

Share your success story, swap healthy recipes, or just connect with others to find out what they are doing to reach their wellness goals.

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Healthy Buckeyes

We’re turning the spotlight on Ohio State faculty and staff and their enrolled spouses/same-sex domestic partners who have found interesting ways to stay healthy and achieve their personal goals. Read about what works for them, and you may find a new way to focus on your health and wellness.

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Nominate a Healthy Buckeye

We'd like to know the interesting ways faculty and staff are staying healthy to achieve their personal goals. Tell us how someone you know has committed to their health and inspires other Ohio State faculty and staff to be the healthiest they can be. They might even be featured in our Healthy Buckeye section!

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Share your Healthy Buckeye Story

Inspire others by sharing your health and wellness success! Tell us how YP4H programs have helped you achieve a health and wellness goal.

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