Healthy Buckeyes

We’re turning the spotlight on Ohio State faculty and staff, including units and departments, who have found interesting ways to stay healthy and achieve their goals. Read about what works for them, and you may find a new way to focus on your health and wellness.

Andrew Rohr

Enrolled Spouse/Same-Sex Domestic Partner

Danette Rohr, wife, works in Advancement Services

My healthy at work activity: People think I am crazy, but I do push ups, squats, planks, lunges and all kinds of other things in my cube. I also schedule time to take a walk 3 times a day. I also love the salad bar in our office cafe. Care Coordination is wonderful. I just love the time I spend with Kit, so helpful. Everyone should sign up for this. I have done the coaching and it was great too. And I have fun doing all the challenges on YP4H, and the incentives are a bonus!

My favorite health snack: I love to eat fruit. I have fruit at least 3 times a day.

My favorite exercise: I walk like crazy. My goal is 10,000 steps a day, and I manage to get that 5 days a week. I use a Fitbit Flex that I won last year through YP4H.

My stress reliever: Wow, I don't really have to worry about that anymore. With adding exercise daily and eating healthier, the stress just takes care of itself. I can not tell you how much better I feel, the best in over 5 years.

My approach to overcome obstacles: The biggest obstacle is doing exercise daily (including walking), but you just have to get off the couch and do it. During the week it is not a problem, I get up early for work, and I have a routine. On the weekends, I have joined a running/walking group which gets me up early and moving. Being around other people that want to be healthy is a huge help.

My one change: I have really changed what I eat over the past 12 months. It's crazy, but I look forward to salads, who would have thought that from me. There are lots of small things, but the biggest is my walking. A year ago I could hardly walk 1/4 mile, I have now completed four 5K's, a 4 miler and set a personal record of a 14:20 mile walking pace.

Kris Dalton

Enrollment Services Coordinator

Professional Admissions

My healthy at work activity: I bring my lunch into work and keep healthy snacks at the ready. Additionally, I have amazing coworkers who I have asked to help keep me accountable to my goals (both the students and the professional staff)! I use Map My Ride app on my phone to record my workouts which is awesome because I can see how much I have accomplished that week/month on a calendar chart they show. I also love the YP4H challenges and working with my coworkers to be successful! I am going to look into health coaching as I feel that could be helpful in my reaching my final goals. I also participate in the LaBlast fitness classes which are INCREDIBLE... I never miss!

My favorite health snack: I love cottage cheese with fresh pineapple. I am always trying to find ways to work in more fruits and veggies.

My favorite exercise: I love to play tennis. It is fun and something I can do with another person.

My stress reliever: I listen to music and read a book. Or, I go out to the park with my labradoodle, Gideon, and we play. His energy is infectious!

My approach to overcome obstacles: I know that not everyday is going to be perfect, but by enlisting my coworkers who have helped make a game out of my goals, I know that I can achieve success. They are awesome motivators!

My one change: I have gone "soda sober" and this has made a HUGE difference in how I feel and how I eat. For some reason whenever I drink Dr. Pepper (my soda of choice), I feel like the rest of my eating habits can just go off the rails. No Dr. Pepper equals greater focus on better health and wellness!

Pat McBeth

Administrative Assistant

Wexner Medical Center Development and Alumni Affairs

My healthy at work activity: I drink lots of water as well as eat 4 to 5 times during the day at work, including a high protein breakfast. I use a Fitbit. It is always nice to see the amount of steps/activity every day! I can't believe how much I walk just during the work day. I do as many activities as possible on the YP4H site. It keeps me accountable to my exercise and dietary focus! I enjoy the Lunch and Learn sessions as well as the opportunities we as staff have to speak with a dietitian and/or health coach when needed!

My favorite health snack: I love pea pods and Greek yogurt. Tuna fish is also one of my "go-to's".

My favorite exercise: I walk at least 2 miles a day and also try to do some other type of exercise 2 to 3 times a week.

My stress reliever: I love to do stretching exercises. I also listen to the ocean through my ear buds for at least three minutes with my eyes closed if I need to step away for a moment!

My approach to overcome obstacles: I tackle them one day, one obstacle at a time. I am a very determined person so if it is do-able in my mind, it usually happens! I see an obstacle as a challenge!

My one change: Getting 80 to 100 grams of protein a day has been one of my dietary goals, as well as making sure I am hydrated and taking the vitamins I need.

Clinical Research Center

Our group practices being healthy at work by: We've organized and shared easy healthy meals for the unit, such as salad bars and oatmeal breakfast.

Our group participates in the following YP4H resources, programs, or events: We love the Hit the Road challenge and have a friendly in unit competition. We also had a Plank This team.

Our group has been supporting each other since: We have always supported each other. YP4H has most definitely made this support a lot easier and more fun for the entire unit.

As a result of this support system, members of our group have accomplished: Multiple staff members have tried new fitness opportunities including races and triathlons.

Our tip or idea for other groups to create a healthy work environment is: Encouraging health goals no matter what they may be.