Healthy at Work

Incorporate health and wellness activities into your work environment to help you stay on track to reaching your personal health and well-being goals. Read easy ways to pack a healthy lunch, find walking trails, conduct standing meetings, request a flexible work schedule, and much more!

Active Living

Physical Activity and the Workplace

Physical activity helps prevent and slows (or even reverses) the progression of chronic disease.

There are many inexpensive, safe ways to get your exercise, yet many of us don’t get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity per week.

Fitting in a few minutes each day while you’re at work can add up—here are a few ideas:

Group Fitness in your Department

Are you a Buckeye Wellness Innovator or a champion of health in your department/unit looking to bring fitness opportunities onsite?  

Hosting group fitness classes in your department offers many benefits.   Schedule a personalized group fitness class(one time or ongoing) at your location for your group today! 

 Contact Alycia Israel  for more information.

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10 for Life

We all want to feel better, be healthier, and live longer. Adding regular exercise to your life is part of that prescription. Our health and wellness teams here at Ohio State created this series of videos to show you how you can make this happen in short, 10 minute segments. That's why we call this video series 10 for Life.

Yes, ten minutes of moderate exercise does count! Don't worry if you aren't physically active now. You can start with as little as 10 minute a day of moderate intensity aerobic activity and build up to the recommended 150 minutes per week. 

Want to know more about the 10 for Life program? Download our brochure-it will give you some great practical examples of exercise that you can do and provide you with more information about physical activity and your health.

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Healthy Eating

Did you forget to pack your lunch for work? Do you need some fresh ideas for incorporating more nutritious foods into your diet? Don’t worry! The Ohio State University offers healthy meal options and nutrition resources for assistance with achieving your health-related goals.

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Walking and Biking Maps

Small periods of activity add up to big health benefits. Whether you’re walking to your next meeting or taking a short bike ride at lunch, it’s easy to log a mile or two during the day. Download maps of walking and biking trails on Ohio State campuses to plan your route and estimate the time you’ll need to complete your journey.

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Healthy Office

If you sometimes forget to take a stretch break or drink enough water at work, our healthy office tips and tricks may be just the reminder you need.

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Work Life

The Ohio State University is committed to providing a work environment that is healthy, supportive, and considerate of employees' work and personal life obligations.

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Biking On Campus

The Ohio State University has brought a bike sharing program to its Columbus campus, delivering a safe and sustainable alternative transportation option for the university community.

Zagster Bike Share at The Ohio State University offers 115 bicycles at 15 conveniently located campus locations. Check out a bicycle for an hour at a time (or three hours on weekends) by paying a one-time, annual fee, or paying per use with your BuckID, credit or debit card.

 The annual rate for faculty and staff is $55.  

Visit to learn more and then vist to download the app.


Always wear a helmet and observe all traffic laws.

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