Work Life

The Ohio State University is committed to providing a work environment that is healthy, supportive, and considerate of employees' work and personal life obligations. The university's work life effort entails providing programs, policies, and services to help you better integrate your professional and personal life to help you feel more productive, engaged, and satisfied in your work environment.

Explore the variety of Work Life programs that make working at Ohio State a satisfying and productive experience.

Caring for Children

As you face the joys and challenges of parental responsibilities, the university can provide support in a number of ways. Resources, including the Parental Care Guidebook, are available.

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Flexible Work

The university supports flexible work arrangements to achieve a highly productive work environment that enables faculty and staff to balance work and personal needs, while providing workforce predictability and stability. Resources include manager and employee guidelines and a sample Flexible Work Arrangement Proposal.

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Helpful Policies and Services

Policies and services are available that support the integration of work and family, including Flexible Work Arrangements and the university’s Mediation Service.

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