March Mindfulness Bracket Challenge - Your Plan for Health

March Mindfulness Bracket Challenge

How To Play

Get ready to determine what your favorite mindfulness activity is through this fun and engaging bracket challenge! Before the challenge begins, be sure to download and print the bracket using the link below.¬†Each day of March, select a mindfulness activity to participate in by starting with the “first round” bracket match-ups. The first round activities are pre-filled, but as you complete your bracket it will be your favorites that move forward until you crown your champion.

Utilizing the All Chat feature within the team challenge page, post a photo of your completed bracket for your chance to win $25 PulseCash*. To find the chat board, select the Chat button on the left and then click on All Chat.

Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on March 31 to be included in the contest. Only completed bracket photos submitted within the challenge chat board are eligible for the drawing. Each participant is only allowed one entry. A total of 20 winners will be drawn and notified at the challenge conclusion.

Download Bracket

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Name Mindfulness Champion Activity Bracket



*Participants who join the challenge but do not log activity are not eligible for prizes. PulseCash is subject to taxation at the time it is earned, so bracket challenge winners can accept or decline the prize.