My Care Checklist

Preventive care, recommended just for you.

My Care Checklist, within the Virgin Pulse portal, is your handy personal assistant when it comes to your healthcare. Use it to stay on top of appointments, tests, and shots. Virgin Pulse will send reminders and you’ll earn rewards for checking things off your list!

The recommendations listed in the portal are based on clinical guidelines. They might not be applicable for everyone, so talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions.

How to Access My Care Checklist

  1.  Log in to your Virgin Pulse account
  2.  Hover over the “Health” tab in the main navigation
  3.  Click the “My Care Checklist” link in the drop down

Rewards for My Care Checklist

Bonus Reward Completion Requirements

As one of the programs to help you earn the 2024 bonus incentive, the completion requirements include:

  • Complete 3 preventive activities within My Care Checklist*

Bonus Reward Completion Tracking

*To track your My Care Checklist activity completion, follow these steps:

Log into your Virgin Pulse account. In the top navigation menu, hover over the “Health” tab and select “My Care Checklist”. The box at the top right of the page titled “Get Rewarded” will have a green checkmark below “My Care Checklist (3 preventive activities)” once you have completed the requirements. The middle of the page will list your suggested preventive care activities with green check marks next to the ones you have completed.

Once you complete 3 preventive care activities within the calendar year, you will see a checkmark next to the My Care Checklist requirement in the section titled “Additional Ways to Earn: Complete 2 out of 3” on your Rewards page. Due to processing times, this confirmation may not appear until up to one week after the completion of your final My Care Checklist activity completion.