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WW at Ohio State

WW is Weight Watchers reimagined.  Benefits-enrolled faculty and staff and their enrolled spouses, and adult dependents can participate in the nation’s number one weight loss program at a discounted rate. Membership includes the online program or in person meetings near your home or on Ohio State’s campus. The month-to-month membership can be cancelled at any time and is deeply discounted just for those enrolled in an Ohio State medical plan.

Learn more about WW by watching this short video.

Program Details

Purchase a WW (Weight Watchers® Reimagined) membership plan between June 17, 2019 and July 26, 2019 and get a FREE WW Insider’s Box (over $100 value in special offers and products).  After signing up, you must redeem your WW Insider’s Box by August 9, 2019 at ww.com/atworkgift (available June 17, 2019).

Download flyer for more information.

Digital + Workshops

Ohio State will pay half of your membership, your share is $19.11/month.

  • Discounted Monthly Pricing: $38.22
  • Ohio State Subsidy: 50%
  • Your Cost: $19.11

Get advice from an expert who’s been there and lost weight.

  • Motivation and support with a weekly in-person workshop
  • Insightful weekly lessons from an expert who’s been through this journey
  • WW full suite of digital tools helps you plan meals and stay on track

Ohio State will pay half of your membership, your share is $8.48/month.

  • Discounted Monthly Pricing: $16.96
  • Ohio State Subsidy: 50%
  • Your Cost: $8.48

WW app and website have easy-to-use tools to help you reach your goals.

  • Track your food, activity and weight any time using WW digital tools
  • Eat what you want and still lose weight with over 4,000 delicious recipes
  • Get access to Connect, WW private online community

Print and share the WW Rate Flyer with your coworkers.

Follow the steps below to sign up for WW through The Ohio State University.

Step 1:  Click the red “Register Now” button below and then select “see discounted rates”.  Please Note: You will need your OSU insurance ID number to complete your registration.

Step 2:  Enter your employer/health plan information:

  • Enter Employer ID for The Ohio State University:  10645268
  • Select your population type
  • Enter your Employee ID
    • Employees and Spouses:  OSU Insurance ID number – Only use the first 8 digits of the insurance ID; do not include the “00” at the end.
    • Dependents >18 years of age:  OSU Insurance ID # + Date of Birth (MMYYDD) + First Name with no spaces in between – Only use the first 8 digits of the insurance ID; do not include the “00” at the end.
    • Click the “next step” button

Step 3:  Choose your subscription type

Step 4:  Create your account; click the “next step” button

Step 5:  Enter your payment information; click the “next step button

Step 6:  Review and submit your order to complete your registration

Register Now

The above steps can be printed by downloading the Portal Registration Guide here.

Problems registering? Contact WW at wellnesshelp@weightwatchers.com or (866) 204-2885.

Biomedical Research Tower
460 W. 12th Ave., Room 134, Columbus
Wednesday, 11:00 am (wellness check in), 11:15 am (workshop)
Contact: Michelle Grindley, (614) 293-5594, michelle.grindley@osumc.edu

1590 N. High St., Ste. 300, Columbus
Wednesday (email contact for time each week)
Contact: Bethany Rupert, (614) 688-3410, rupert.196@osu.edu

Hospital Admin Office (Shared Services)
660 Ackerman Rd., Room 545, Columbus
Thursday, 12:30 pm (wellness check in), 12:45 pm (workshop)
Contact: Kris Jahr, (614) 685-5865, kris.jahr@osumc.edu

Outpatient Care Gahanna
920 N. Hamilton Rd., Conference Room 801, Gahanna
Tuesday, 12:15 pm (wellness check in), 12:30 pm (workshop)
Contact: Helen Nogaj, (614) 366-2682, helen.nogaj@osumc.edu

Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital
410 W. 10th Ave., Room 1215, Columbus
Friday, 10:45 am (wellness check in), 11:00 am (workshop)
Contact: Laura Droll, (614) 685-6545, laura.droll@osumc.edu

Stefanie Spielman Breast Center
1145 Olentangy River Rd., JamesCare for Life, Room 2100 (2nd floor), Columbus
Wednesday, 7:15 am (wellness check in), 7:30 am (workshop)
Contact: Brittany Unthank, (614) 293-0904, brittany.unthank@osumc.edu

Student Academic Services Building
281 West Lane Ave., Room 301
Thursday, 11:00 am (wellness check in), 11:15 am (workshop)
Contact: Suzann Sayre, (614) 292-1042, sayre.162@osu.edu

Wilce Student Health Center
1875 Millikin Rd., Wilce Student Health Center, Room 170B, Columbus
Thursday, 11:45 (wellness check in), 12:00 pm (workshop)
Contact: Selene Carpenter, (614) 688-3798, carpenter.323@osu.edu

Wooster OARDC
1680 Madison Ave., Fisher South, Kitchen Area, Wooster
Monday, 11:30 am (wellness check in), 11:45 am (workshop)
Contact: Cindy Shelly, (330) 287-1264, shelly.12@osu.edu

Read the Buckeyes’ stories below to learn how WW helped them reach their goals. Then, share their story with your colleagues by printing and posting their flyer. Simply sharing another Buckeye’s story could be the motivation someone needs to reach their own goals.

Become a WW Workshops in the Workplace site host and receive a three month membership for free! For every additional three months the enrollment is maintained, the refunded arrangement continues.

  • Help recruit and maintain at least 15 employees to attend your meetings.
  • Receive materials to help you recruit employees (i.e. overview flyer, posters and email templates, etc.)
  • Identify and coordinate a location to host the meetings and to store supplies for the meetings.
  • Maintain the minimum enrollment in the program for at least 3 months, refunded the initial payment for that period.

Download the overview information deck for the Wellness Champion training here.

If you are interested in bringing WW Workshops in the Workplace to your college/department and have at least 15 people interested in joining, email Paul Kalis at Paul.Kalis@weightwatchers.com.

If I register for WW, will my membership and weight information be kept confidential?
Yes, it will.  Although The Ohio State University will receive information about the total membership’s weight loss, it will not receive any individual or personally identifiable information.

How much time should I plan on spending at a WW workshop?
Your workshop, led by a trained WW Leader will last approximately 30 – 45 minutes.

What can I expect at a WW workshop?
At WW workshops you’ll learn to follow the WW Freestyle™. You’ll get guidance, strategies and tips, plus:

  • A Leader who has lost weight with WW
  • A supportive and caring environment
  • Helpful tools, guides, books, and recipes

At your first workshop, the staff will give you a private and confidential check-in where you can weigh-in (if desired) and discuss your progress.  Your Leader will help you set your first weight-loss goal. Starting with 5% of your weight can be an attainable first step.

If I miss my Workshop in the Workplace meeting, can I attend a community workshop at a WW Studio?
Yes. Don’t forget to bring your Monthly Pass Information.

How do I cancel my WW membership?
The WW cancellation process is hassle-free.  You can easily cancel your Digital or Digital + Workshops membership on their website.  Simply log in to your account, go to “Settings,” and then go to “Account” to view your cancellation options.  If you would like assistance with cancelling your account, you can call (866) 204-2885.

If you have already been billed for your next month, call (866) 204-2885 to receive a full refund for the upcoming month.  Please note that you will not receive a refund for the month in which you cancel, except as provided in the Cancellation Policy.

For additional questions, please contact Weight Watchers at wellnesshelp@weightwatchers.com or (866) 204-2885.