Weight Watchers at Ohio State - Your Plan for Health

Weight Watchers at Ohio State

Benefits-enrolled faculty and staff and their enrolled spouses, same-sex domestic partners and adult dependents can participated in the nation’s number one weight loss program at a discounted rate. Membership includes the online program or in person meetings near your home or on Ohio State’s campus. The month-to-month membership can be cancelled at any time and is deeply discounted just for those enrolled in an Ohio State medical plan.

Learn more about Weight Watchers by watching this short video.

Program Details

Between January 2 and January 19, receive a FREE Jumpstarter Kit when you purchase a Weight Watchers membership (new members only). The kit includes tools ($50 value) to help you reach your New Year’s weight-loss goals! Once enrolled, redeem your Jumpstarter Kit by visiting weightwatchers.com/atworkstarterkit and entering your member registration number and shipping address. Redeem your kit by February 2, 2018.

Meetings & OnlinePlus Program

Ohio State will pay half of your membership, your share is $19.11/month.

  • Discounted Monthly Pricing: $38.22
  • Ohio State Subsidy: 50%
  • Your Cost: $19.11

Power of shared learning! Get weekly guidance and motivation from a trained coach who has been in your shoes and has lost weight in the program.

  • Complete private weigh-in
  • Learn strategies for success
  • Receive all of the tools and benefits of OnlinePlus
  • Attend meetings in your community or on-campus
OnlinePlus Program

Ohio State will pay half of your membership, your share is $8.48/month.

  • Discounted Monthly Pricing: $16.96
  • Ohio State Subsidy: 50%
  • Your Cost: $8.48

Follow proven program with digital and mobile tools, and 24/7 support. No meetings.

  • Participate in proven PointsPlus® system
  • Receive customized meal ideas and recipes
  • Sync fitness devices
  • Have access to the Master The Plan Video Series
  • Be a part of the Weight Watchers Community

Before registering for Weight Watchers, be sure to have two sets of information available.

Workplace Info

Ohio State Faculty, Staff, Spouses, Same-Sex Domestic Partners:

Faculty staff, spouses and same-sex domestic partners will need to use the OSU insurance ID card to locate their member ID number to sign up for the weight watchers membership. Using the example ID Card, you would need to enter:

  • OSU INSURANCE ID:  12345678

Dependents (>18 years of age) 

Dependents will need to use a combination of the OSU insurance ID number, date of birth (###### 2 digit day, 2 digit month and 2 digit year) and first name using no spaces. Using the example ID Card, you would need to enter:

  • OSU INSURANCE ID: 12345678022070john
Employer Password

You will also need the Ohio State Employer ID: 10645268 and passcode: ww10645268 to register.

Register Now

Problems registering? Contact Weight Watchers at wellnesshelp@weightwatchers.com or (866)204-2885.


Biomedical Research Tower
460 W. 12th Ave., Room 134, Columbus
Wednesday, 11:00 am (weigh-in), 11:15 am (meeting)
Contact: Cindy Fairbanks, (740) 221-0995, fairbanks.27@osu.edu

Hospital Admin Office (Shared Services)
660 Ackerman Rd., Room 545, Columbus
Thursday, 12:30 pm (weigh-in), 12:45 pm (meeting)
Contact: Dave Davisson, (614) 292-1607, davisson.12@osu.edu

Mount Hall
1050 Carmack Rd., Columbus
Friday, 8:00 am (weigh-in), 8:15 am (meeting)
Contact: Carie Moran, (614) 292-5983, moran.206@osu.edu

Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital
410 W. 10th Ave., Room 1215, Columbus
Friday, 10:45 am (weigh-in), 11:00 am (meeting)
Contact: Amanda Gibbs, (614) 688-1727, amanda.gibbs@osumc.edu

Student Academic Services Building
281 West Lane Ave., Room 301
Thursday, 11:00 am (weigh-in), 11:15 am (meeting)
Contact: Suzann Sayre, (614) 292-1042, sayre.162@osu.edu

Wilce Student Health Center
1875 Millikin Rd., Townshend Hall, Room 170B, Columbus
Thursday, 11:45 (weigh-in), 12:00 pm (meeting)
Contact: Selene Carpenter, (614) 688-3798, carpenter.323@osu.edu

Wooster OARDC
1680 Madison Ave., Fisher South, Kitchen Area, Wooster
Monday, 11:30 am (weigh-in), 11:45 am (meeting)
Contact: Martha Bollinger, (330) 263-3995, bollinger.70@osu.edu

Become a Weight Watchers At Work site host and receive a three month membership for free! For every additional three months the enrollment is maintained, the refunded arrangement continues.

  • Help recruit and maintain at least 15 employees to attend your meetings.
  • Receive materials to help you recruit employees (i.e. overview flyer, posters and email templates, etc.)
  • Identify and coordinate a location to host the meetings and to store supplies for the meetings.
  • Maintain the minimum enrollment in the program for at least 3 months, refunded the initial payment for that period.

Watch the recorded Wellness Champion training here.

Download the overview information deck for the Wellness Champion training here.

If you are interested in bringing Weight Watchers At Work to your department and have at least 15 people interested in joining, email Tricia Fox at tricia.fox@weightwatchers.com.

Is my weight kept confidential?
Yes. Only Weight Watchers will see a copy of your weight tracker. The Ohio State University does receive information about weight loss in aggregate numbers (groups, not individual names).

How much time should I plan on spending at a Weight Watchers meeting?
Your group meeting, led by a trained Weight Watchers Leader, will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

What can I expect at a Weight Watchers meeting?
At Weight Watchers meetings you’ll learn to follow the PointsPlus® plan. You’ll get guidance, strategies and tips, plus:

  • A Leader who has lost weight with Weight Watchers
  • A supportive and caring environment
  • Helpful tools, guides, books, and recipes
  • Getting Started session for new members

At your first meeting, the staff will give you a private and confidential weigh-in. Your Leader will help you set your first weight-loss goal. Starting with 5% of your weight can be an attainable first step.

If I miss my At Work meeting, can I weigh in and attend a traditional meeting?
Yes. Don’t forget to bring your Meetings card and membership book.

How do I cancel Meetings if I no longer need it?
Weight Watchers is committed to a hassle-free cancellation process. You can easily cancel your Meetings on their website. Simply visit www.weightwatchers.com/monthlypasscancellation or ask the Receptionist at your meeting for a copy of the Meetings Cancellation Policy.

If you have already been billed for your next month, follow the instructions to receive a full refund for that month. Please note that you will not receive a refund for the month in which you cancel, except as provided in the Cancellation Policy.

How do I cancel my online subscription?
Weight Watchers is committed to a hassle-free cancellation process. You can easily cancel your Weight Watchers Online account by visiting www.weightwatchers.com/cancel or call 866-204-2885.

For additional questions, please contact Weight Watchers at wellnesshelp@weightwatchers.com or (866) 204-2885.