How to Earn YP4H Points - Your Plan for Health

How to Earn YP4H Points

To help you thrive in the workplace and in your personal life, YP4H offers an incentive program with a variety of opportunities for you to earn points and get rewarded for the healthy things you do everyday.

For a complete list of point earning opportunities, check out the How to Earn page.

To learn more about the rewards you’re eligible to earn, visit the My Rewards page.

A summary of point earning opportunities can be printed here.

Personalize your account and earn points for connecting your device, adding friends and setting your interests.

One Time

200 points  – Connect activity device (e.g. Fitbit, Garmin, iWatch, etc.)
100 points  – Upload a profile picture
100 points  – Add five friends (co-workers)
50 points  – Add friends outside of the university or Wexner Medical Center
100 points  – Use mobile app for 1st time
300 points  – Complete Tobacco Free Agreement
100 points  – Set a goal
100 points  – Set interests
250 points  – Set nutrition profile
100 points  – Connect to MyFitnessPal account

Track healthy habits and cards to stay motivated.


20 points  – Complete at least two cards a day
45 points  – Track 3 healthy habits a day


Monthly Bonus!

  50 points – Complete 10-19 cards a month
100 points – Complete 20+ cards a month
200 points – Track 10 days of a healthy habit in a month

Earn up to 140 points a day when tracking steps or active minutes. You will only be rewarded for the one with higher points value. You cannot be rewarded for steps and active minutes in the same day.

A synced device must be used to earn these points.


10 points  – Per 1,000 steps
70 points  – 15 or more active minutes
140 points  – 45 or more active minutes


Monthly Bonus!

  500 points – Take 7,000-9999 steps a day for 20 days in a month
1,000 points – Take 10,000+ steps a day for 20 days in a month


Utilize sleep tools for a better night’s sleep.


20 points  – Validated sleep tracking
10 points  – Self-entered sleep tracking
50 points  – Validated sleep greater than 7 hours


Monthly Bonus!

100 points – Track sleep 10-19 days in a month
200 points – Track sleep 20+ days in a month
300 points – Track validated 7+ hours 20 days in a month


Create a nutrition profile to receive a personalized guide to fine tune your nutrition and chart your progress.


100 points  – Connect to MyFitnessPal account



20 points  – Daily calorie tracking in MyFitnessPal
5 points  – Browse healthy recipes



10 points  – Favorite/save a recipe in MyFitnessPal
10 points  – Add a recipe to grocery list


Monthly Bonus!

200 points – Track in MyFitnessPal 10-19 days in a month
300 points – Track in MyFitnessPal 20+ days in a month



250 points  – Update your nutrition profile

Healthy Outcomes Annual Bonus!*

1,000 points  – Meet 1 of 5 healthy values
2,000 points  – Meet 2 of 5 healthy values
3,000 points  – Meet 3 of 5 healthy values
4,000 points  – Meet 4 of 5 healthy values
5,000 points  – Meet all 5 healthy values


Healthy Values

Healthy weight (BMI):  18.5-29.9
Healthy Blood Pressure:  less than 140 /90
Healthy HDL:  at least 40
Healthy Total Cholesterol:  less than 200
Healthy Blood Sugar:  A1c 5.7% or below or Glucose less than 100

*Complete your verified biometric screening to be eligible for this reward.

If you have a personal health goal, such as losing weight, starting an exercise routine, or quitting smoking, personal health coaching can help. Health Coaches are happy to help you set realistic goals and provide you with support and resources to motivate you along the way.


500 points  – Complete a Wellness Vision
2,000 points  – Complete the Confidence Assessment (pre and post assessment required)



1,000 points  – Have 1 or more call or in person a month
500 points  – Complete a SMART goal (up to 12/year; 1/month)



2,000 points – Complete first 4 sessions
2,000 points – Coaches Choice Bonus: Achieve a milestone and your health coach will reward you with this bonus!


Learn more or get started in Personal Health Coaching here.

If you or a family member are enrolled in an Ohio State medical plan and living with a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma or COPD, the Care Coordination program can help you manage your disease. You may also qualify for reduced pharmaceutical copays.

Annually/One Time

2,000 points  – Complete Care Coordination Assessment
1,000 points  – Enroll in Health Coaching
500 points  – Complete 2 disease related webinars
1,000 points  – Complete Direct Medication Review with pharmacist
500 points  – Complete Wellness Vision



500 points  – Complete a SMART goal (up to 12)



2,000 points  – Have 1 telephone call with Care Coordination nurse



2,000 points – Nurses Choice Bonus: Achieve a milestone, improve your A1C and complete all preventive care


Learn more or get started in Care Coordination here.

Benefits-eligible moms-to-be have access to support while pregnant through the child’s first year of life. A trusted nurse and/or dietitian health coach will work with you to answer your questions and provide guidance about pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, baby basics, and more.

Annually/One Time

500 points  – Webinar Session One: Navigating health plan member benefits
500 points  – Webinar Session Two: Maternal nutrition and exercise
500 points  – Webinar Session Three: What to expect during pregnancy and more
500 points  – Webinar Session Four: Post pregnancy support and resources
1,000 points  – Attend Telephonic Session: Postpartum follow up call
1,500 points  – Attend Telephonic Session: Breastfeed for 3 months
1,500 points  – Attend Telephonic Session: Breastfeed for 6 months



2,000 points – Postpartum Home Visit


To learn more or get started in Buckeye Baby here.

Participate in one or more of these SelfHelpWorks online programs to help you reach your well-being goal(s).

Living Fit – Walking Program
Living Well – Diabetes Care
Living Free – Smoking Cessation
Living Easy – Stress & Resilience
Living Lean – Weight Loss
Living Smart – Drinking Control


100 points  – Begin a SelfHelpWorks online coaching program
4,000 points  – Complete a SelfHelpWorks online coaching program course


Halfway Bonus!

1,000 points – Complete the halfway mark in:
Living Easy (first 6 sessions)
Living Fit (first 6 sessions)
Living Free (first 5 sessions)
Living Lean (first 5 sessions)
Living Smart (first 5 sessions)
Living Well (first 6 sessions)

If you’re participating in a structured health and wellness program to help you reach your goals, but it is not included on the Programs page in the Virgin Pulse portal, you may still be able to earn up to 3,000 YP4H points each calendar year by participating in a Healthy Lifestyle Program. Click here for more information.

Train and complete an officially organized race and earn 500 points (quarter max: 2 races).

Learn more about the Healthy Living Bonus here.

Become a member at a gym and attend three times per week for three consecutive months (at least 36 visits) to earn 500 points. You may earn this reward up to four times each calendar year.

Learn more about the Gym Bonus here.

Attend Weight Watchers meetings for 3 consecutive months and earn 3,000 points (quarter max: 1). Attendance must be verified to receive points.

For more information about requirements to receive points, visit the Healthy Lifestyle Program page.

Did you know there’s a 50% Weight Watchers subsidy available for benefit enrolled faculty, staff, spouses and same-sex domestic partners? Learn more here.

Visit the How To Earn page in the Virgin Pulse portal or app for a full list of point earning opportunities.