A Ride To Remember. On the road with Larry Lewellen 1800 miles from Seattle to San Diego.



A Ride To Remember. On the road with Larry Lewellen

Larry Lewellen, Vice President for Care Coordination & Health Promotion at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, will be riding 1800 miles in September, Canada to Mexico down the Pacific Coast, to raise awareness and support of the growth of biking and bike safety in central Ohio. He plans to ride 90 miles each day for 20 days (with a couple of days off here and there!) Consider Biking is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to biking advocacy, education, and infrastructure strategy in partnership with central Ohio leaders and governmental entities.


Larry, a regular 180 mile Pelotonia rider, was inspired by the legacy of Michelle “Shelli” Kazlausky. Shelli, previously a medical technician and University Hospital East, was the victim of a tragic fatal accident in 2010. She continues to be remembered and honored for her deep commitment to Pelotonia and her service to others at University Hospital East. “Shelli’s memory should inspire us to become one of the most safe and bicycle-friendly communities in the nation”, said Lewellen. “The city of Columbus is on a positive trajectory, but a great deal needs to be done to develop the infrastructure and bike-friendly laws and culture of other great communities.” 


Larry is the epitome of a YP4H wellness champion who is inspiring and teaching others about biking.  

Join YP4H as we follow Larry on this incredible journey of health, hope and inspiration.  

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To support bicycle advocacy and safety in central Ohio, please go to www.considerbiking.org to “sign” the Call to Action; and to donate or make a pledge to support Consider Biking. All pledges and donations (100%) on the Consider Biking website will go directly to Consider Biking for its mission.

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Updates From The Road

Recent Posts...


September 25, 2013    Return of the Crazy Rider...


 I have returned from my epic ride, and thank all of you who followed me on Instagram amend Facebook.  What an experience!!  This is a "return" post, a bit of summary although not intended to duplicate my periodic posts and Instagram feeds during the trip.


I have not done any such ride before, nor have I been to the west coastal highways that I intended to follow.  My intention, innocently conceived with my friend Doug Morgan over wine at the Surly Girl Saloon, was to ride 1800 miles--90 miles per day for 20 days, on average.  As a reminder, this is my mid-life crisis event for turning 60 next month, a ride to raise awareness and funding for Consider Biking, and a health champion challenge.....if I can do this as a 60 year old desk jockey, what health challenges are possible for you to achieve??!!  I ended up riding 1400 miles over 18 days, close to 80 miles per day.  It was after the first 1000 miles, to San Francisco, that I re-evaluated my goal.  Two things became evident to me:


- Highway 1 on the California coast is extremely risky for cyclists.  I had too. Any close calls, near misses, moments of panic to find an escape route, to stay on that path.  I believed I was using up any and all odds in my favor and my life expectancy was shrinking.  Riding with traffic has not bothered me.....but riding with RVs, logging trucks, construction trucks on hairpin narrow roads with no edge and often steep cliffs.....I hit the end of my dare-devil capacity.

- I also felt I was  not taking advantage of this fantastic experience.....riding 6-7 hours a day, spending time mostly on looking for healthy food, the arrangements for setting up in the next RV park, consulting maps, answering some emails......I decided to take some time off.  I ended up taking close to 5 days with no riding.....in San Francisco, in Napa/Sonoma valleys, and in Bend, Oregon.  That was a wonderful decision and was due to counsel from close friends!


I started in Seattle, and rode south through western Washington, entered Oregon and on through Portland to Salem (where  I bought another bike via Craigslist).  I couch-surfed with three families in the initial days, people  I connected with on Couch-Surfing.com!  In Oregon my wonderful wife Lori joined me with an RV, and our oldest son came out to ride for a few days.  He is a third year OSU student.


From Salem I rode over the lovely and challenging Cascades to the Oregon coast, and started down the coast with Lori and the RV hopefully ending up at the same place in the afternoon.  Cell coverage was scarce along the coast so we had to plan well.  We were able to find RV parks, although some were dark and worrisome, but healthy food was the most challenging.  There is almost no development on the very edge of the coast of Oregon and Northern California.  One day I could find no food during my ride, another day I had to settle for egg & sausage burritos that a store owner had made for himself (only a day old, he bragged).  Usually during the ride I would depend on finding a small general store and eating cold cuts, cheese, boiled eggs, fruit and such.....


I rode with some individuals and groups along the way....either locals, or groups such as from British Columbia, Germany, Iowa for example.  None wanted to ride as far as I had planned so I only had a part of a day with each group.


I was particularly interested in some of the climbs along the way.  In Ohio we get all wound up about a hill that may be a half-mile long.  On this ride, there were multiple climbs 3-5 miles long. Most had a flat spots liberally dispersed along the way, thank goodness.  Most interesting was the climb up to Leggett on Highway 1 in Northern California, somewhere between 3-4 miles with no change in grade, no chance to back off, no good way to pull over and rest.  I was pleased that my Bacchetta high wheel recumbent stayed with me all the way and I didn't keel over.  At around 7 mph, it took me a little over a half hour to get up that wonderful stretch.  It was most of the way up to Leggett that I met the group from Germany.....they all looked at my different bicycle and almost knocked me over from riding close and googling and yelling questions me.   We had a great ride the rest of the day.


In Reaching San Francisco I decided to take some time off and prepare to reroute back to the north, getting off Highway 1 as I noted above.  We were meeting Wolfgang Sadee and his Wife, Trudy to do some riding with us.  Wolfgang is one of our top research faculty here, and they also have kept a home in San Francisco.  I surprised them by saying "I'm done with Highway 1, let's see the city!"  We also bought tickets to the OSU-Cal game and were able to get the 11th row!


We started back north after a couple of days in the city and in wine country.......ah, I highly recommend doing that.  Pete Geier noted that my posting frequency went nearly to zero in wine country....what can I say!!!


I spent some time riding in the Valley in Northern California, but part of it I hitched a ride with Lori in the RV, so we could get back to Oregon.  We decided to finish the ride going up through central Oregon to Bend, a place we heard so much about from Drs (Steve & Pat) Gabbe.  They have family in the area and often spend time there,  We loved the ride through Oregon,and Bend, so much!!!  Bend is a fantastic oasis in an amazing area of volcanic formations, Cascade mountains, pristine rivers and streams, too many lakes to count, national forests the size of a small state, and is one of the top biking communities. 


We shipped our bikes out of the REI store in Bend (a great outdoors store coming to Easton next year)....Lori had a folding bike she rode to sightsee and keep fit, and occasionally we would tour a community together looking for dinner and staples of RV living.


We then returned the RV near Portland, and went back into Portland for an evening...riding the streetcars, touring the Pearl District and 23rd avenue, eating great sushi for which I was in withdrawal.....and flew home!


After 1400 miles of riding, most of the west coast, three outstanding biking communities (Portland, San Francisco, and Bend), I learned a great deal about bike touring, what to take, how to navigate with an iphone, and a map & compass when no iphone reception is to be had, and how great biking cities are designed, how RVs and RV camping works, and much more.   This is a tremendous lifetime experience!!!!


I'd like to express my deep appreciation to Dr. Gabbe and Pete Geier for allowing me the flexibility to do this, and colleagues including Steve Pariser, Dan Vukmer, Bern Melnyk, Stephanie Lisath, who ensured things were still moving forward with me connecting long distance.  I did this on my accumulated vacation time, and on my own expense, to be sure there is no cost to OSU and all donations to Consider Biking went to their mission, not to my ride.


I am still hoping for additional donations to the cause of biking in central Ohio.....let me know or go to considerbiking.org!!!!!!


I am so happy to be home to OSU.   There are many pictures on Instagram, Facebook and YP4H, and below are a few more.









September 19, 2013   A Screeching Halt...


Yesterday I was going to ride up Highway 97 from Klamath Falls, Oregon, to cover part of the distance to Bend.  I went about 7 miles and came to a screeching halt.  The road was narrowed by rockslides.....concrete barriers were installed for several miles leaving me with only 2-3 inches of shoulder.  Too death-defying for me.  So, I went back and went into the country to detour around the dangerous part.  I was only able to make about 45 miles of actual progress toward Bend.....not the usual, but it was sufficient to get me within a day's reach.


Today was an outstanding day, I rode from north of Upper Klamath Lake to Bend, about 92 miles.   The road was superb, almost always a 4-6 foot wide shoulder (Oregon is the top state in my book for bike-friendly roads), and I made it in slightly over 4 1/2 hours riding time, 21.6 mph average......what an amazing road, perfect temperature, considerate drivers.  6-7 hours has been all too common in more complicated terrain, to cover my distance.  The only problem is that I was enjoying the pace and the ride too much, and didn't stop for pictures.  Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Jethro Tull and some phone calls were my companions today.  


Crown Villa RV resort

Tonight we are at the Crown Villa RV resort.....huge paver patios to park on, tennis courts, party house, gas grills, trees and lush lawns....if in Bend, check it out, I've seen nothing like it.


The lovely couple we met in Salem (via Craigslist) are going to give us advice on rides in the area, and we'll also check in with Steve and Pat Gabbe's family members, who live in the region,  for advice.  


I'm shooting to finish out the ride and return mid next week, hoping to hit around 1300-1400 miles.  That is short of my goal, but I decided to make this more of a trip than just pounding out miles every day, thanks to advice of really good friends!  Call me a wimp!


Tomorrow we explore Bend by bicycle....

September 15, 2013   A Change of Course...

 I have been quiet for a few days.....fascinated with San Francisco!  Friday we joined our friends, Wolfgang and Trudy Sadee, in Port Reyes Station and rode from there to their home in Ross, just at the north edge of the San Francisco area.  Lori and I have been staying with them, taking a break from the ride, and seeing the city.


Yesterday we took the ferry to San Francisco, explored Market street, Union Square, and I actually bought some shoes!  I have existed only in bike shoes and sandals for the past two weeks.


As to shoes, I forgot to write about a difficult experience back on highway 101 before the Avenue of the Giants.   I was halfway up a challenging hill, not much shoulder for safety, and all the screws fell out of my left cleat except one!  So, my shoe was loosely but uselessly attached to the left pedal, and I finished the hill with only my right leg pedaling....very interesting challenge.  There was no cell signal at all for miles, so I couldn't reach Lori.  So....I managed to distribute the screws from the right cleat across both cleats, not great but workable, and I made it to Fort Bragg where I found more screws in a small hardware store.   If I had lost one more of the screws, I would have been stranded.  I use Speedplay pedals.  Note to self and others....use threadlocker on cleat screws, and carry extra screws on an adventure ride!


Sorry for the digression. 

Yesterday we took the BART rapid transit from San Francisco to Berkeley to go to the OSU-Cal game.  A few days earlier it became apparent we would be in the area on time, so I purchased tickets via Vivid Seats.com.  We went to the Buckeye Bash, and even ran into President Alutto.  The game was tremendous, tickets on the 11th row, and half the stadium spectators were in Buckeye scarlet!  The first 6 minutes were of course ecstatic, but the rest was an absolute great time.  What a transition, after almost two weeks on a bike, to a Buckeye game environment.  Buckeye Band at halftime and all.


Today we went to walk across the Golden Gate, hike up Hawk Hill, hike down to a remote section of Rodeo Beach, and have lunch in San Anselmo, the hangout of George Lucas and the birthplace of Star Wars.


This evening we will have dinner with Harlan Kleiman, CEO of Self Health Net, at his home in Tiburon.  We'll be joined by the chief medical officer of the company, on the UCSF faculty and a specialist in Alzheimers.


And at this point, it is time to share my CHANGE OF PLANS!!!!!


Tomorrow Lori and I will turn north into central California,and NOT continue southward along the coast.  After this past week, I have concluded that Highway 1 is just too risky.  Most of the time the shoulder is only a few inches, and there are so many curves and hills and canyons to get caught in by a truck,car or RV barreling along and no place to escape.  I have managed to get through every situation I got caught in, sometimes stopping and jumping my bike into the grass, but I'm feeling like I've used up all of my nine lives and may run out!  Many people cautioned me about 101, but i am somewhat of a risk-taker with chancy roads.....however.....hour after hour, day after day, of close calls is over my own threshold of tolerance.  It is 90% defensive riding and 10% touring.


So, we are going to turn into the interior, and go north through NAPA valley and plan our route from there.  I have 1000 miles completed so far....I am shortening the ride to increase my enjoyment and not just be riding most of the daylight every day, so I will not hit 1800 miles as planned.   But, I am fine with that!!!  We'll see where the journey goes and how far!


NAPA valley, here we come.....







September 11, 2013   Final ride down Highway 101...


 Yesterday I made my final ride down Highway 101, before turning back to the coast.  I rode on a highway that paralleled 101 for quite a way (SR 278), which followed the Eel River middle fork....and there was absolutely zero traffic,  It was stupendous and my best connection with nature.  Then, we detoured again off 101 to ride most of the Avenue of the Giants (giant redwood trees).  By mid-day it was time to turn off 101 onto highway 1 to the coast.  The first stretch of Highway 1 is the biggest continuous climb of the ride.  This is a continuous three mile climb to the town of Leggett, with NO flat spots or rest breaks....none!  The Bacchetta recumbent was perfect for this.  There are many multiple-mile climbs on this route, but the others have had a flat spot or two. 


Near the top of the climb I met and joined two groups of riders, one from British Columbia and the other from Germany.  The British Columbians took a train to Portland and are finishing in Mendocino. This was the first ride in the US for my German friends, who were particularly fearless going down the back side of Leggett.  I am a little spooked by the unpredictable road surfaces on Highway 1, so I keep my max speed around 35 mph....not so for those guys!!!   But then, they can't keep up with the Bacchetta on the level roads, so that must be their way of compensating.....har har.


We then came to the coast, at the edge of Humboldt county.......unbelievable ocean vistas....like none I have ever seen!  



I parted company with the other groups to speed up and get to Mendocino where Lori had driven the RV.  At the edge of Mendocino we met Doria, a local artist. She told us about the Mendocino art contest; artists contestants were required to find a local scene, paint, and hang the canvas in the Mendocino art gallery while still wet.  So, the next morning, Lori went to see the gallery....and I launched again, headed for Bodega Bay.



On the road yesterday I didn't have any food, other than a couple of bananas, for the day's ride.  The only establishment I went by was a general store in the town of Westport.  They do not serve prepared, but the store clerk offered to go upstairs and make me a sandwich in his personal kitchen.  I passed on that, assuming I would find a restaurant or convenience store of some kind. Boy, was I kidding myself! 


Highway 1 was both wonderful and awful today.  The amount of climbing out of mountain passes is off the charts....but I do like the punishment.  The views are indescribable, particularly looking down the steep dropoffs right next to the edge of the road in many spots...yikes!



The awful part?  90% of Highway 1 has only a 3-4 inch shoulder, often none, and continuous curves, bends, downhill twisting turns, steep climbs with sharp dropoffs....if I were to bobble and go over, I would never be seen again!  The drivers are much more aggressive than in Oregon or Northern California.  I was attacked in the afternoon by a pickup truck driver who called me a "hippie" and tried to force me over the edge of the road.  He tried 3 times....I managed to avoid being hit, and then he moved on when other cars came up behind us.  Thank heaven!


Tomorrow I'll leave Bodega Bay and ride to Port Reyes Station to meet Wolfgang and Trudy Sadee, who will ride with me into San Francisco.  Wolfgang is one of our important research faculty at OSUWMC....he and Trudy have a home in northern San Francisco as well as the Columbus area.


Saturday we are going to the OSU-Cal game!!!!!  ... Go Bucks!





September 9, 2013   Hello California...

Evan and I did a last ride through the countryside in Medford OR before we dropped him at the airport to fly to Columbus....he has to get back to OSU classes.  I took the Bacchetta we picked up in Salem to the REI store in Medford, who disassembled and packed it.  The process took an extra two hours because the three bike technicians wanted to take turns taking it out for a ride!!  They were fascinated by it.  Then we returned to the coast so I could return to The Ride.


This morning (Monday) I rode from Crescent City to Eureka the first real ride in California.  There was one 3 mile climb in the first hour; the rest of the day was lovely in comparison.  The entire ride today was on highway 101, actually a wonderful cruise with a nice bike lane on the shoulder.  I found two riders to ride with for about 20 miles, but didn't stop to get acquainted.  They were on regular bikes and I couldn't hold the Baccheta back any longer, I had to let it eat some road!  The bike lane system seems to be seamless from Oregon to California, and so many communities have biking as a natural part of the roadway system.  The cars give me equal rights to merge when lanes intersect, and there are signs every few miles reminding cars to share the road with bikes. 


We hooked up for lunch in Orick, at a small family diner which claims to be "World Famous"!  The diner still has a juke box with actual 45 rpm records.....do you know what those are, kids?


We found an RV park in Eureka by mid-afternoon and rented a 4 wheel dive truck for the evening.  Enterprise picked us up in it!l. We drove out to the extreme tip of the Samoa peninsula, where the Samoa dunes are available for recreation.  We drove the truck out onto the dunes....started sinking.....and barely kept it moving enough to get back out of there!  I was actually sober at the time, but Lori made me try it!


Then we visited the Woodley Marina.  We got some great photos of the boats and sunset, saw our first California sea lion, went to the marina restaurant and met more great people.  We spent some time with Jahn and Lia who were born and raised in Eureka.  They gave us perfect advice as to how we should arrange our day tomorrow.  Then we met Ted and Diane, who are on the way to visit family in Fort Bragg from British Columbia.  They gave us a verbal tour of the Sunshine Coast in BC, a several hundred mile ride that they claim will overshadow California.....could they be right?....could they be biased?  I think I'll have to find out someday soon.....


Tomorrow we will see the Avenue of the Giants, the mighty redwood trees.....me on my bike and Lori in the RV





September 7, 2013   My son Evan joins me on the ride...

Last night we camped in state recreation are north of Florence, Oregon.  I have ridden through Washington and now much of Oregon.  Oregon has so many beautiful vistas, lakes recreation areas....Evan wants to live out here when he graduates.  Maybe we'll all come!


Today was a beautiful ride down 101 on the coast, beginning north of Florence.  My biggest goof.....I got turned around somehow during the ride....and rode back north for an hour!!  How stupid!  That added a lot of mileage due to a wrong turn.  However....the roads are SO beautiful I don't mind riding twice!


Highlights of the past 24 hours:


- Our campsite last night was in bear country, we were advised to be on a strict protocol outside


- I rode up a 3 mile hill.....then rode up it again, due to my stupidity of turning the wrong way  


- I rode part of the day with my son Evan, and part with Jack Langbert who is riding to clean up highway 101



- Evan and I rode ATVs on the 250 foot tall Oregon dunes.....They look straight up, the technique is to get a full head of steam, lean forward, and slam the throttle!



- I rode the Bacchetta we picked up in Salem from a wonderful couple we met, Tom and Adrienne Youmans.  They live in a completely remote section of country outside of Salem, down a series of gravel roads and at the end of the road!   I had connected with them a month ago on Craigslist.  The bike is fantastic....it will become my speed bike.  Tom and Adrienne have become friends, we will stay connected, and they are following my ride.  Adrienne is introducing me to the owner of Lightning Cycleworks in California, whom I will stop to meet.  Lightning is a top brand of high performance recumbent and midracer bikes.


- I met the guys in Mo's cycle shop in North Bend, who helped me outfit the Bacchetta I picked up and helped plan our next leg of the ride.  They gave me a great tip on riding a backside road down the coast....Rhododendron Drive....very gorgeous. 


I have some great panoramic photos from today!  Click Here to view all! 







September 4, 2013   Portland, OR


Well, I committed my first major detour by riding straight into Portland rather than Astoria.  I would have missed Portland.....I decided I had to see this great biking city for myself and make it part of this trip.  Fantastic!  I will miss Astoria, but Portland is more connected to my mission.


 I first spent several hours at Coventry Cycle Works, who are a major dealer of two and three wheel recumbent bikes.  The owner is a woman who set the female land speed record on a bike....on a Bacchetta, no less!!  (For those who may not know, that's the bike I'm riding for this tour.)  Coventry has the top line brands from US, Germany, Italy, you name it.  Edee, Tom, and Adam all spent time with me about biking in Portland and Oregon and their coastal rides.


 Next I went into the heart of downtown Portland and explored public information centers, City Hall, and then the Portland Department of Transportation.  In the DOT I found the "bike group", the guys who ride to work every day downtown, do major weekend rides, and do the bike planning and education for the City.  Portland is so interesting and complex that the team spent an hour just in planning a route for me down through the city and out to the coast.  Great, great people, so generous with their time and so interested in my ride.


 Then I rode the streets, bike lanes, bike paths of the city.  The bike lanes don't take up much room, are clearly marked, and there are so many cyclists that the cars are completely used to it.  Bikes, cars, buses, and trams seem to flow smoothly and efficiently, even at rush hour.  Rush hour meant a much greater increase in bike commuters than in auto traffic!!!!  Everyone seemed so considerate and calm, no horns, no cars whizzing by too close for comfort.


This morning I leave to ride down and through Portland to Oregon City, then turn southwest to head for the coast.  Much climbing, I am told.....why did my new friends have to tell me that!!!???


 My lovely wife, Lori, and older son, Evan, are in flight on the way here and Evan will ride with me starting tomorrow.  Lori is the RV pilot, what a sacrifice on her part!






September 3, 2013   Video Post




 September 2, 2013: First post from the road...


 Saturday in Seattle was a challenge....I flew into SeaTac airport, took a shuttle to the bike shop where I had shipped my bike.  When I arrived at the shop, I thought it had experienced a tornado or some kind of explosion!  There were hundreds of bikes just stacked every which way, on top of each other, parts and trash strewn everywhere, it was unbelievable, But, I learned, as the owner told me, "This is Seattle, man, this is the way we like to live."  Even though my bike had been there a week, it wasn't finished.....so, after a couple of more hours, it was ready.  I loaded my stuff on it and proceeded to navigate to the downtown ferry.  I was on my way to meet my first couch-surfing host, Pamela Singer and Allan.

Well....it took me 4 hours to get downtown to the ferry.  Have you tried to navigate down town Seattle on a bike?  My advice.....don't!  At one point I ended up on a 6 lane interstate, cars flying by, running out of shoulder to ride.....I stopped, proceeded to disassemble everything loaded on my bike, carried piece by piece over a concrete divider wall, then reassembled on a downtown street.  I went two blocks, and my rear rack fell completely off (thanks to the wonderful bike shop).  So, I took everything off again and re-installed the rack.  I couldn't find anyone downtown who knew the way to the ferry, but I finally stumbled onto it at 8 pm. I met a videographer journalist on the ferry, and spent most of the ferry ride setting up for a YouTube video and shooting.  We tried to capture the lovely Seattle skyline in the background.  We'll see if he publishes it!   Jack Olmsted.

My host picked me up on Bainbridge Island and took me to their home.  My heavens, what a lovely island.  Being a cloistered community, everything shuts down at 9:00 pm.  But, my host was able to call one of the restaurants and ask that the stay open longer just to serve us.  They did, and the food was luxurious....or so it seemed since I had not eaten since mid-morning.

The next morning, Pam, Allan and I concluded I had brought way too much stuff to carry on my bike.  I left about 40 pounds of stuff behind.....don't even ask what it was!!!  I just had gotten too carried away in packing for this.  They are going to arrange to ship it home for me.   Will I ever see those things again?????  I trust them.  I am the second Couchsurfing guest for Pam and household.  She is an executive recruiter, specializing in Tax attorneys and Counsel for Fortune 500 firms.  They are lovely and lively people, I hope we can stay in touch.  What an outstanding host!  Pam even made an omelet with sautéed mushrooms to send me off the next morning 

Yesterday I started my ride!!!!  I would have to say, I have NEVER ridden so many long hills in my life.  Little did I realize until later that I was climbing up the Olympic range.  There were so many climbs, with NO downhills to rest.  For several of the climbs, I spent more than 10 minutes in my low low gear, cranking away, going around curves just to see yet another climb.  In Ohio I ride most of the time in my large chainring; yesterday I was only able to shift into it on a few occasions, never for longer than a minute or two.  My average speed for the day???  13 mph!!! Time to go have breakfast, start Day Two, and ride to Astoria, Oregon, where my next Couchsurfing hosts await!!!!!!






 August 30, 2013: Preparing for my Ride to Remember


I'm on my final countdown before I fly to Seattle on Saturday morning. My Bacchetta bicycle has already arrived at a Seattle bike shop and is ready for me to pick up and ride.  My 1,800 mile ride begins in Seattle on September 1st!!! 


I'm so very proud to be riding the entire West Coast to raise awareness and funding for Consider Biking, given all Consider Biking does to promote the growth of biking and to enable a safe biking community. We want to help Columbus become one of the top biking communities for Pelotonia, for the environment, for economic growth, for attracting talent, and for our children. Consider Biking promotes bicycle-friendly legislation, provides planning for bike lanes and bike paths, advocates for biking infrastructure, provides educational resources, supports safe routes to school for children who bike, works with public and private leaders to promote biking, and much more. It’s a small nonprofit organization that depends heavily on membership and donations to support its mission.


On my mission, I am so extremely appreciative for the support shown by folks at the Wexner Medical Center – Dr. Steven Gabbe, our CEO; Pete Geier, our Health System CEO; and Dr. Mike Caligiuri, our Cancer System CEO. They are themselves role models in the pursuit of healthy lifestyles and in inspiring others. What an amazing leadership environment we have for health and positivity. 


When I arrive in Seattle, I’ll meet my first CouchSurfing host, and I'll post some photos and thoughts about this person who is so gracious to invite an adventure cyclist they have never met into their home. Then, I’ll get up during the early morning hours of September 1 and I’ll ride 100 miles on my first day to meet my next CouchSurfing host in Centralia, Washington. 


Dr. Stephen Pariser, our Chief Medical Officer for Health & Wellness, bought me a camera for my 60th birthday so that I can record my adventures.  He is a brilliant photographer and great friend – and also a bike rider! Did I mention I'm turning 60 right after this ride??? Yes, this is also a great mid-life crisis adventure, but 60 is the new mid-life, you better believe it!


Please join me on my ride by keeping up with my blog posts, and following me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. And please check out our Call to Action to support biking!!



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