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Steps To Better Sleep

Weekly Tips & Winners

Each week the challenge email will provide you with a sleep tip. There will be an activity associated with each weekly tip. Follow the directions in the challenge email to be entered into the weekly drawing for $25 PulseCash*. Activities must be completed by 11:59 PM on Sunday to be included in the contest. One winner will be drawn and notified each week of the challenge.


Week Dates Sleep Tip Activity Winner Submission
1 Jul 5-11 Create An Oasis Of Rest Remove A Non-Sleep-Related Item From Your Bedroom Pamela Allen – OSU Newark Removed work computer from bedroom.
2 Jul 12-18 Build A Bedtime Routine Complete A Calming Set Of Activities Before Bed Vicki Bauer – DFP Snoozers Shower, floss, brush, apply lavender lotion. Read a little or listen on audio.
3 Jul 19-25 Fall Back Asleep Utilize A Strategy Or Tactic To Get Back To Sleep Kristi North – Spouses of OSU Employees To fall back asleep, I recount my day and focus on my breathing.
4 Jul 26-Aug 1 Wake Up Easier Adjust Your Morning Routine To Start Your Day With Ease Jing Yu – Go Team! Get up and drink a big glass of water is my routine every morning.


*Team members who did not participate in the challenge (i.e. join a team but do not log activity) are not eligible for prizes. PulseCash is subject to taxation at the time it is earned, so raffle winners can accept or decline the prize.