Virgin Pulse Transform

VP Transform is a free year-long program that offers weekly education and accoutntability to Ohio State employees and their enrolled spouses, to help meet them where they are and support lowering their risk for developing chronic disease. VP Transform is an evidence-based, CDC-recognized digital diabetes prevention program offered entirely online, at no cost to you.

There are two program tracks available: Diabetes Prevention and Weight Management 

The programs offer:

  • 1:1 coaching support via phone call or online messaging, whichever you prefer
  • Free mobile app
  • Weekly in-app lessons and quizzes
  • Monthly self-guided learning modules
  • Earn a Fitbit Digital Scale upon enrollment (Milestone 1)
  • Earn a Fitbit Inspire upon completion of Milestone 2
  • Members can enroll at any time but must meet certain qualifications to be eligible to participate
  • NOTE TO MEMBERS THAT QUALIFY: you are only able to enroll in Transform once, must commit to one year, and are unable to restart the program once you begin


As a middle-aged man, it was a blessing to run across this program. It was easier than I had imagined it would be. Not a quick fix, but slow and steady wins the race. I have kept the weight off, improved my diet, and I now like vegetables! And I like my new wardrobe.


I do thank the program and my coach. My doctor was concerned about where my health was getting, my numbers getting higher every year. I do feel that if I would have not joined, my life would have been worse now, since I was under a lot of stress and all the numbers were high. Since I started the Transform program, I have felt more energetic, less stressed and happier about how I feel and look. I want to learn new recipes to try something new every week.


I have attempted to lose weight many times before. This time was different. I have actually learned to enjoy healthy foods. I may not enjoy working out every time I go, but I am able to go longer and further than I ever have. I am even starting to jog a bit.


Rewards for VP Transform

Bonus Reward Completion Requirements

As one of the programs to help you earn the 2023 bonus incentive, the completion requirements include:

  • Complete 2 activities per week for 16 weeks*
    • Weekly requirement includes 1 coaching session and 1 other activity (weight, food log, quiz/lesson, group chat)
  • Bonus activity is awarded weekly based on timing of completion. If you complete the action from Sunday to Saturday, you will be rewarded the following Tuesday.

YP4H Points

You can earn additional points for VP Transform participation when you:

  • Achievement of 5% weight loss from initial weight – 3,000 points
  • Maintenance of 5% weight loss from initial weight between months 10-12 – 6,000 points

Points awarded weekly based on timing of completion. If you complete the action from Sunday to Saturday, you will be rewarded the following Tuesday.

Bonus Reward Completion Tracking

*To track your VP Transform activity completion, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your VP Transform coach for updates on how you are progressing towards completing the VP Transform bonus activity
  • Note: this was previously available to be tracked via a progress bar on the ‘How To Earn’ page within Virgin Pulse, but due to a system bug, this is no longer available.

Once you complete 2 activities per week for 16 weeks, you will see a checkmark next to the VP Transform requirement in the section titled ‘Additional Ways to Earn: Complete 2 out of 4’ on your Rewards page. Due to processing times, this confirmation may not appear until up to one week after the completion of your final VP Transform activity.


VP Transform is a digital lifestyle change program that can help you lose weight, reduce your risk for disease, feel better, and develop long-lasting habits – All at no cost to you!

How do I know if I am eligible to participate in VP Transform?

If you are a benefits-eligible Ohio State employee or enrolled spouse, you are invited to see if you qualify for either VP Transform Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) or VP Transform Weight Management (WM) program by completing this quiz.

You will also need to utilize the VP Transform app which is only compatible with devices that are on the 10.0 (iOS) or 5.0 (Android) software version or higher.

What is the time commitment of VP Transform?

The Transform for weight management and prediabetes is 1 year long. The program requires you to engage in the mobile app, to interact with your health coach, track your weight, nutrition, complete lessons, and quizzes. There are three phases to this program. The first phase requires weekly engagement for 16 weeks. The second phase moves to a biweekly engagement requirement, which lasts for 8 weeks. The third phase is focused on maintaining and sustaining what you have accomplished and requires monthly engagement for the remaining 6 months.

What will the program help me achieve?

While you’re in the program, you’ll aim to achieve these goals:

  • Reduce your weight by 5–7% of your starting body weight. This small amount of weight loss can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by about 60%.
  • Increase your physical activity to 150 minutes each week. Your coach will help you incorporate more physical activity at moderate intensity throughout the week.
  • Learn about healthy food choices and eating habits, build confidence around your overall health, and create changes to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

What support and tools are available to help me succeed in the program?

  • A personal health coach to guide you, support you, and hold you accountable. You will have your own personal dedicated health coach to support you through your journey. Your coach will help you set attainable daily and weekly goals.
  • You’ll receive a wireless scale as you begin the program.
  • Once you’ve been fully engaged in the program for 4 weeks, you’ll receive an email with information on how to get your free Fitbit.
  • VP Transform Mobile App: Access weekly lessons, track your meals, communicate with your health coach, and track your weekly progress (at no cost to you).

How is the program structured?

The VP Transform program is one year long and has two distinct phases:

  • Core | 4 months: The first 4 months (16 weeks) of the program deliver weekly learning sessions with built-in activities that help you apply the information to your own life right away. The learning sessions cover topics related to sustainable weight loss, being more active, healthy eating, and emotional and mental resilience. Each week you will also connect (virtually) with your health coach for individual support and goal-setting.
  • For Life | 8 months: The remaining 8 months of the program are dedicated to maintaining and reinforcing the new healthy behaviors you developed in the first 16 weeks.

What happens if I qualify for the VP Transform program?

After you complete the enrollment survey and you are eligible to enroll in Transform, you can expect a welcome email sent to you within 24 hours where you can track your enrollment status.

Once you are officially enrolled and accepted, and a coach has been assigned, you will receive an additional email encouraging you to download the Transform app and schedule your first coaching appointment.

What incentives or rewards can I earn by participating in the program?

Transform is one of the four programs that can help you earn a bonus incentive. Members must complete 2 activities per week for 16 weeks to be eligible for the bonus incentive.

  • Weekly requirement includes 1 coaching session and 1 other activity (weight, food log, quiz/lesson, group chat)

Once a member completes the bonus incentive, they can earn YP4H bonus points when they hit milestone weight loss and maintenance:

  • Achievement of 5% weight loss from initial weight – 3,000 points
  • Maintenance of 5% weight loss from initial weight between months 10-12 – 6,000 points

Can I still earn the bonus incentive even if I’m not able to complete 16 weeks of VP Transform before the end of the 2023 Incentive Program Year (December 31, 2023)?

Yes, you can earn points even if you begin VP Transform with less than 6 months left in the year. The program is a year-long from when you begin. You will earn the incentive in 2024 if you meet the engagement requirements for 16 weeks from the start of your program calendar.

When will I receive credit for completing the bonus incentive?

To receive your 2023 bonus incentive, you will need to complete two of the four activities listed on your reward guides page. If VP Transform is the second activity completed, credits will be received within a week.

When will I receive YP4H bonus points? 

There are two opportunities for bonus points. The first opportunity is when 5% weight loss is reached in the first 6 months. These points will be distributed to participants within a week of completion. The second opportunity is earned when 5% weight loss has been maintained between months 10-12. These bonus points will be received within a week after reaching the goal.

What happens if I miss a week or need to restart the program?

VP Transform is a year-long commitment. Continuous engagement is a crucial element to reach success. By providing you with online and digital tools, the hope is that you can complete this program anywhere!

If you do happen to miss a week, you will not be removed from the program. You will continue to work with your coach, who will provide guidance and accountability to get you back on track and help you reach the goals.

If there is a medical reason that you are unable to complete the program and need to drop out, there is no penalty to leave VP Transform. If you later want to restart the program, you will need to reach out to your VP Transform coach, who will submit the request and it will be approved or denied by OSUHP wellness staff. Restarting the program is not generally permitted and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. To gain access back into the program, we may require documentation from your medical provider.

Who do I contact for Transform mobile app or Fitbit device help?

Transform Support is available to all participants Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 9:00pm ET. To contact Transform Support, email them at or call 888-345-2425.

What are my options after the 52-week program is over?

There is a Year-2 available after completion of Year-1. Your coach will discuss more about this as you get closer to the end of your year-1 program.

What happens if I leave Ohio State during the middle of the program year?

If you leave Ohio State, your coach will be notified within 24hrs after your employment status change. Your coach will reach out to you via email and effectively communicate that access to the program has come to an end, due to leaving Ohio State. At that point, further access and outreach will be denied.

Is the Transform mobile app ADA accessible?

Screen reader users will currently experience difficulty accessing the VP Transform platform. While we work to make this experience accessible for all, an accessible alternative is available. If you would like to utilize this alternative to participate in VP Transform, please contact Virgin Pulse at or 888-345-2425, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 9:00pm ET.

If I do not qualify for Transform, what other weight management programs are available to me?

Please visit our page of weight management resources and programs here:


Congratulations on taking the first step towards better health!

  • You’ve qualified…
  • You’ve ordered your wifi scale…
  • What’s next?

Once you join the Virgin Pulse (VP) Transform program, we know you might be eager to get started and unsure of what the process is going to be like. It’s important to know that you will not have immediate access to the program or mobile app. New cohorts begin weekly, so depending on your start date, the steps below may not happen in the exact order as described, however, should give you an idea of what to expect while you are waiting to onboard into the program.

  1. 24 hours after you complete enrollment, you will receive a welcome email confirming the success of your registration.
  2. Your scale will automatically be sent to the location you provided in the enrollment registration. You will receive a confirmation email from Virgin Pulse with a tracking number when the scale ships.
  3. Your program will begin on a Sunday – new cohorts begin weekly. Depending on when you enrolled, or what “start date” you selected, your onboarding email may take up to 7 days to receive. Your onboarding email, will:
    • Let you know the name of your VP Transform coach.
    • At this time, you can finally download the Transform app (you will not have app access until a coach is assigned).
    • Ask you to schedule your first appointment with your coach.
  4. Once you download the app, your coach has been assigned and are approaching your start date, a VP Transform engagement specialist will reach out to you via the phone number you provided, to see if they can answer any onboarding questions you may have, let you know what to expect, confirm your first coaching appointment, confirm scale delivery, and more. This will come from a toll-free phone number. Cohorts will always start on a Sunday, so expect this welcome call about a week before your Sunday start date.
  5. One week before your first coaching appointment, you will receive a reminder email.
  6. On the first Sunday of your program, you will be contacted (through the app, text, email or phone call) about how to get started from your Transform coach!

If you are not getting the emails, have trouble with the steps above, need to update your phone number, or need other support: contact Transform customer service ( or call 888-345-2425.)

The VP Transform program is a voluntary wellness program that encourages healthy lifestyle changes through coaching, tracking and educational modules. All individual personal information entered into the Transform mobile application will be protected and will be held confidentially from the view of your employer. Any information given to your employer will be deidentified and only aggerate reporting will be provided for purposes such as analyzing enrollment patterns and program usage to improve Virgin Pulse services.

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