2016 Incentive Program

The 2016 Program is now over (Nov 30)  

Please come back January 2 to access the 2017 Incentive Program.




Your Privacy

There is nothing so personal as your health history, and we are serious about protecting your information and privacy.  While participating in Y P 4 H, the personal information you provide, whether online or in person, is only available to you and those you authorize to access it.  Beyond the team at the OSU Health Plan, your nurse, health coach, or your own PCP, no other Ohio State personnel will see your results.


Reasonable Alternative

Ohio State and Your Plan for Health (YP4H) are committed to helping you achieve your best health.  Rewards for participating in wellness challenges are available to all benefits-eligible employees and their spouses/SSDPs who are enrolled in the OSU Health Plan.  If you are unable to meet the current standard in light of your health status (Physician recommendation, pregnancy, etc), you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means (provider waiver or reasonable alternative).  Contact The OSU Health Plan Engagement Specialist:  yp4h.clinicalservices@osumc.edu or call 614-292-4700 or 1-800-678-6269  to learn more about whether you qualify and work with you to develop a plan/activity with the same reward that is right for you.