Expanded courses, now available.

Whil is an evidence-based digital training program that leverages neuroscience, positive psychology, and adult learning theory. Enjoy on-demand access to mini-courses with audio and video sessions, tips, articles, and exercises that will enable you to build easy-to-learn skills.

2018-2021: Included 3 Topics | 29 Sessions

  • Learn to Meditate: 9 Sessions
  • Practice Yoga: 9 Sessions
  • Build Emotional Intelligence: 11 Sessions

2022 Enhancements: 7 New Topics | 800+ New Sessions

  • Be Happier: 102 Sessions
  • Boost Physical Health: 113 Sessions
  • Build Emotional Intelligence: 119 Sessions
  • Manage Career Stress: 196 Sessions
  • Mindfulness Basic Training: 7 Sessions
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety: 79 Sessions
  • Self Awareness: 6 Sessions
  • Sleep Better: 96 Sessions
  • Take 1 Minute Breaks: 101 Sessions
  • Yoga Basics: 9 Sessions

How to Access Whil:

  1.  Log in to your Virgin Pulse account
  2.  Select “Benefits” from the main navigation
  3.  Select “View All” and scroll to find “WHIL”

Rewards for Whil

As one of the programs to help you earn the 2022 bonus incentive, the completion requirements include:

  • Complete 10 sessions per calendar month for 3 months*
  • Sessions must occur on at least 10 different days (e.g. can not complete all 10 in one day)
  • Must be completed during 2022, but the months do not need to be consecutive
  • Bonus activity is awarded weekly based on timing of completion. If you complete the action from Friday to Thursday, you will be rewarded the following Monday.

YP4H points – You can earn additional points for Whil participation when you:

  • Complete all sessions under a program – 100 points (awarded daily)
  • Complete 20 sessions in a calendar month – 200 points (awarded daily)
  • NOTE: points are no longer awarded for completing daily Whil sessions (as they have been in previous program years)

*To track your Whil session completion, follow these steps:

Log into your Virgin Pulse account. In the top navigation tab, hover over the ‘Home’ button and select ‘Rewards’. Scroll down to the ‘Activity’ section at the bottom of the page. Keep scrolling until you reach the ‘Mental Wellbeing’ section. The ‘Complete 20 Whil sessions in a month’ progress bar can help you keep track of where you are each month for the 10 sessions needed for the bonus incentive.

Once you complete 10 sessions (max of 1 per day) per calendar month for three months, you will see a checkmark next to the Whil requirement in the section titled ‘Additional Ways to Earn: Complete 2 out of 4’ on your Rewards page. Due to processing times, this confirmation may not appear until up to one week after the completion of your final Whil session.