Weekly Challenge Winners - Your Plan for Health

Weekly Challenge Winners

Submit your challenge photos or complete a 10k steps day on Friday (or Saturday) and you could win $25 PulseCash*. Winners will be randomly selected each Monday throughout the six-week challenge.

 10K Day

Complete 10,000 steps on Friday or Saturday


Submit your steps or self-care photos

Week 1 Kevin Funk – Sole Mates Amanda Young – Night Shift Nancy’s
Week 2 Carol Shurlow – Make a Move Lindsay Ingman – Clinical Trials Office- The JAMES!
Week 3 Suzanne Dantuono – Quaran-Time To Step It Up Tracy Miller Nottage – Same Clan NEW Challenge
Week 4 Jessica Snoke – stepping out of quarantine Courtney Woelfl – Extension Keepin’ it Real
Week 5 Lane Washington – Step Sisters Nikole Domke – L&D Baby Steps ??
Week 6 Matt Couch – Student Activities Erin Henry Neal – UA walkers


How to Submit Photos

You can submit a photo of your walks, workouts or how you’re practicing self-care by:
  • Posting to our Facebook page
  • Using the hashtag #StepIntoSelfCare when you post to Twitter or Instagram
  • Uploading the photo using this webform

One winner will be randomly selected each week to win $25 PulseCash*. Those that submit a photo may also receive a voucher code for 100 bonus points. If you haven’t received your voucher code 5 business days after your photo submission, please email us at yp4h@osu.edu.

*PulseCash is subject to taxation at the time it is earned, so raffle winners can accept or decline the prize.


Submitted Photos